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  1. mad1231moody

    Copy non windows drive to another

    Just got myself a new 1TB HDD. I want to copy all the contents of Drive D:which is non windows drive to the new HDD. I want all the contents as they are on new drive(500 GB partition). Now the new drive is more roomier then my D: drive so I am not sure if copying sector by sector will work as I...
  2. mad1231moody

    Colour Laser Printer?

    Hello everyone. I wish to buy a color printer that gives food quality output on normal print papers. I don't intend to use it for photographs printing. Also my usage won't be heavy. I will be taking out printouts on normal a4 sheets . I have a lot of presentations, reports to make these days...
  3. mad1231moody

    Rechargable batteries buying query

    Hey ya friends. Need some suggestion regarding what capacity NimH rechargable batteries should I buy. Will 1100mAh suffice or shall I go a notch higher. Also recommend me some brand that I can trust on. I dont need fast chargers, anything that can charge in 10-12 hours will do.Waiting...
  4. mad1231moody

    Underexposed photographs!

    Just got hold of a digital camera and I got to say the picture taken in my house are underexposed(don't know what it actually means, but I mean they are dark portions in the Pics). So suggest me a software to correct them. I tried picassa but as I increased brightness the photo lost its...
  5. mad1231moody

    Recommend a video editing software

    Hello friends. I have a DV camera from sony. Please recommend me a software that will capture the video from the device in good quality and will be good at editing too. How is sony vegas and is TMPGenc any good? I am done with windows movie maker > not satisfieD with it
  6. mad1231moody

    Windows 7 RC download location

    Hello friends. Just saw that the RC is already available. I would like to try it out. But the problem is that the downloading from the Microsoft server with the java download manager is agonizingly slow. So is there any other source that will provide me with full speeds and will work with my...
  7. mad1231moody

    Kido attack

    Hi freinds. My PC was affected by the Kido worm. A trial version of Kaspersky weeded out the worm and I also ran Norton Dawnadup Remover tool. But still every 2 hrs or so My kaspersky detects keylogger activity and when I click on view report I get this message. Kaspersky is unable to weed it...
  8. mad1231moody

    Recover AMR files

    Hello friends. I am in a situation here. I have deleted a recorder file in AMR format from memory card (microSD). I tried PC Inspector but it doesn't have option for recovering .amr files although it has feature to recover wav files. Please recommend a software that can help me in this situation
  9. mad1231moody

    Which games on my config?

    Hello friends I had a look at the sticky "Will this game run on my config" but I have the reverse question. Here is my config : C2D E7200 2.53Ghz 2 GB memory 800Mhz XFX 630i mobo The video memory details are as follows. Suggest me games that are good to play on this config. Any type of games...
  10. mad1231moody

    Lock the system

    Hello friends. I have got a question I hope you dont find it weird. Now I have this problem that my nephew who is 2 yrs. old always comes near the PC when it is on and starts fiddling with the kbd and mouse. I just want some software that will lock the kbd and mouse and the system wont respond...
  11. mad1231moody

    Epson CX1500 drivers for vista

    I recently installed Vista..only to find out that the driver CD doesn't have drivers for Vista. Went to the website of Epson and found out that they don't have any drivers for vista. Now what is the solution. Shall I install XP on another partition and go the dual booting way or is there a way...
  12. mad1231moody

    LAN woes ....Need solution geeks

    So here's the problem. I have a internet connection with my local cablewallah. Recently he allowed all users to see each other on LAN . We all use IPMsg and I was enjoying the service but not he has done something which allows only the users who have an active internet connection can transfer...
  13. mad1231moody

    Right settings for the monitor

    Hello friends. Finallt after help from you all I have bought my new rig. The config is as follows.. E7200 proccy 2*1 GB Ram from kingston.. XFX 630i Dell 19" SE198WFP Now the problem is that from the last 2 days I am still not satisfied with the LCD output. I mean I was not bothered...
  14. mad1231moody

    Prize check - tell me how much I get

    Hi friends I want to upgrade and want to know the what price I will get for the old rig. The config is as follows :- Intel Pentium IV 2.4Ghz Asrock 845 mobo with IGP 80 GB Samsung HDD 512+256 RAM (CPU-Z shows 133MHz) LG 17" CRT monitor Along with kbd+mouse(ordinary) and casing(nothing...
  15. mad1231moody

    BIOS Problems!

    One annoying problem is bothering me every time I boot my PC. The error is CMOS setting wrong, Press F1 to load default settings. When I do that my setting are dated back to June 2004, and my start button tells "New Programs Installed" . My motherboard is ASROCK 845G and I think that it is BIOS...
  16. mad1231moody

    Want a budget phone

    HI all ,m planning to buy a mobile phone that will do it all on a budget. My price tag is it should be under Rs.6500. I like the KP220 phone from LG. Although it is dirt cheap, if it has good battery life I can opt for it, So anyone using it can give me a tip on it. What about the K550i from...
  17. mad1231moody

    Torrent woes !!

    Hii there. I downloaded some video file from torrent.Now I have a very ill connection of 128kbps, I braved for some 4 days and after all the hassles I was stopped by the "Help us" video.They asked me for a favour that asked for CC details.They say that after I complete the task I will be given a...
  18. mad1231moody

    How to burn Divx ?

    Friends I have got 700mb divx files. I want to burn them o that I can play it on a DVD player(divx). Please tell me the procedure ;)
  19. mad1231moody

    Increase the time ticker

    Guyz I use the Picture Package given by Sony with their handycam, In that package, there is a Video Capturing tool. In that tool after capturing video for 10 mins it pauses and asks if I want to continue. This is quite annoying as I have be in front of the PC all the time video is captured. So...
  20. mad1231moody

    DVD RW wooeess

    I am in a fix here. I am trying to write some DVD's but I am unable to do so. The log says it is some power calibration error. I have attatched 2 txt files which are the log saved , please check em out and tell me what can be the problem :-D
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