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    1080p PC Monitor for browsing and watching HD Movies

    All I do is browsing web where I read a lot of stuff, watch videos in my browser or 1080p Movies and TV Shows on my HDD and some MS Office. I need a full hd Monitor with a screen size between 21-23 with HDMI port. My budget is 15K. Don't know if the questionnaire is mandatory so, i'm...
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    PC stores in Hyderabad

    I'm new to the city. Can anyone tell me some good PC hardware stores which have good product range? Seen some but they sell crap. Thanks.
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    [Want to Buy] Price for used Sapphire HD 6870 1GB

    I didn't find any relevant forum to post this. I want to sell my used Sapphire HD 6870 1GB on ebay. What do you think would be a reasonable price? It's working perfectly well. I have everything including the box in which it came. Been using for 1.5years. Never sold anything before.I'm...
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    Screwed up with neteller. Help me.

    Okay today while trying to create a virtual card I headed to neteller because entropay rejected my sbi debit card. After debiting the amount I knew their virtua master card is not available in India. I got 20 USD into it. Now can't use it for anything other than bank transfer and money transfer...
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    Is micromax reliable?

    hi, i've 10k(maybe 11k) budget. I was thinking between sony xperia tipo dual and micromax a110. Though micromax a110 is superior in most aspects, I have some doubts regarding micromax's reliability. Do you have any other suggestions?
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