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    Is there Any pirated Windows 8.1 copy which can be update?

    Hello Guys. I heard That some of the pirated copies of Windows OS can be updated like normal Paid Windows OS. I need Pirated Windows 8.1 copy which I can update. If anyone have any idea about this please share it and share link too. Thank you.
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    How to get job at Discovery Channel?

    Hello guys. I have done my B.Sc. (H) Physics from University Of Delhi. I wanna know How can i get a Job at Discovery Channel, if anyone here have any idea then share it with me. Thank You.
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    Game Recording and Editing Software Help

    ~Read Rules~ Dont ask about pirated software
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    Enquiry about JAVA,CSS,XHTML,PHP books for BEGINNER.

    Hello guys. Am trying to learn Web Designing of my own with the help of Tutorials and Books. It's just a hobby. I learned some Basics about XHTML and CSS. Now I have few months so thinking to learn JAVA, PHP and wanna revise XHTML and CSS too. Suggest me some Freeware good books for Beginners...
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    Lenovo G50-70 7110 experience

    I bought Lenovo G50-70 7110 without any research. Now i found out that AMD graphic in this laptop is of no use. Even the Intel HD 4400 Graphic is better than that. So if you are buying it for normal use then ok, but don't buy it because of AMD graphic. Better to go for laptop without dedicated...
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    RAM Upgrade Query

    Guys i have 2GB RAM installed in one slot. Can i install 4GB RAM in another slot? And one more thing How to check CAS Latency of RAM?
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    RAM upgrade advice for Lenovo G50-70 Laptop

    Guys i wanna upgrade 4GB RAM in my laptop. Which brand Should I go for and from where should I buy it? (Description of RAM - 1600MHz, DDR3L, 4GB)
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    TP-LINK TD-W8968 Purchasing Advice

    Hello guys. I am thinking to buy TP-LINK TD-W8968 but i read some negative review about this router in Flipkart. Is this product worth buying? Or should I go for any other router? My bugdet is max Rs. 1700. Suggest me.
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