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  1. aytus

    24/7 Torrentbox

    Hey! .. Well lately ive been in a strange kind of a dilemma. Well firstly, sorry if this is not the right section for posting such a query but it seemed the most appropriate to me. I have recently converted my BSNL BB connection to Unlimited, and download speeds are in the realms of 50KBps now...
  2. aytus

    Laptop for Movies, Light Gaming, CAD.

    Hey Guys, Back here after a long time. Nothing is more trusty then the wise guys in tdf when it comes to tech. :) So i need a laptop, and the main purpose of buying is that i am moving out of my home for a new job. It has to do all that i do on my desktop. Since this would be the only...
  3. aytus

    40 incher : 60K HDTV

    Guys i'd like to buy an HDTV. I'm pretty much sold on 40" screen size. The foremost requirment is good picture quality. ( Dont require Videophile Standards but should be good enough) Placement is in a Moderately lit living room. With viewing hours ranging from 7000 to 2200 hrs. Dont need 3D...
  4. aytus

    Ext3 partition not showing in Windows (cant format)

    jst gave a spin to 9.10 karmic . but the ext3 partiton that i installed it on (which is on my secandry pata hdd) is not showing in windows disk management. The partition i installed it on was 40 gb .. in windows it is only shown as 32 gb.. the 8 gb on which data was written is not shown. not...
  5. aytus

    Power consumption of my PC

    hi guys, as all of u know the power situation of india and the power cuts , ive been thinking about running my PC on invertor. actually been doin that occasionally for an hour or so. but i want to know what is the exact power draw of my pc in KW hours. been searchin the net and the forum but...
  6. aytus

    Heatsink + Cabby @ <5000 Rupees

    Hi, I need to upgrade my HSF and cabinet. I want to know what is the best combo that i can get under 5000. the cabby must have a front mounted fan, and good airflow and cooling overall. and should fit the heatsink(obviously) in case its a bit big/ budget cant be extended more then 5k .. and...
  7. aytus

    Problums installing OSX with xp and win 7

    I downloaded a toh 98581rc2 ,, and ripped it.. the pc already has a dual boot setup.. wit xp on c: .. win 7 on D: ,, e: and f: are empty.. i intend to install osx on e: now c: is a 60gb primary partition.. d (100GB), e (100GB) and f (200 gb)all are logical partitions that belong to extended...
  8. aytus

    Suggestion on buying a water Purifier

    Hi guys, I would like to know which is the best water purifier right now in a budget of around 10,000 . I am looking to buy one soon. and like most of my computing buys i want this to be an informed buy. As i dont have 24x7 supply of fresh water , so one with a storage will be preffered. Also...
  9. aytus

    New cabinet for cooling under 2.5k

    hey guys, as you guys know i recently upgraded my pc (with the help of your valuable suggesgtions ofcourse:smile:) .. now i want a case under 2.5k cos my present case is not doing a good job for cooling .. the temps on my processor are hitting 70+ under load. and 55 idle. so wot i need is a...
  10. aytus

    New rig: Point out the weakest link + psu questions

    hi guys, im planning to upgrade my PC. the specs im thinking to go with are C2D E5200 Biostar Tp43d-a7 corsair 800mhz RAM (2gb x 2) palit 9600 GT 512ddr3 (would it be worth waitin for 47xx from ati?) segate 500gb hdd while on the issue i,d like to ask if this setup would run ok on the "desi"...
  11. aytus

    Buying a new Motherboard

    New Motherboard for overclockin on budget hi guys., need recommendations in buying a new motherboard, .. budget catagory ,, thinking about coupling it with E5200 and probably a 8600GT or 9600GT. was looking in 3000-3500 rupees range. have looked at Gigabytes P31 mobo GA-P31-ES3G .. he quoted...
  12. aytus

    Which is the Best AIO Messenger with support for Voice and Video??

    Tried forum search .. coudnt find an answer. well i mostly use gtalk. but most of my friends use yahoo.. and some hotmail too. i use skype to chat wid family .. lol.. now i want a chat client which shud support all big names ..but shud also support voice and video calls.. shud have good clarity...
  13. aytus

    Dell Studio XPS 13 & 16 Laptops

    Hi , guys . so once again the rumor leaked from dell has materialized as ive posted in the 1530 thread and y,day dell "officially" launched the dell studio xps 1340 and 1640... also the laptops can now be customized at dell usa site ...
  14. aytus

    Buying new speakers logitech x530 or altec lansing vs3251

    guys , this diwali. ive decided to get new speakkers .. still confused between these two.. any similarly priced but better speaker system that you can suggest would also be welcomed. thanks
  15. aytus

    sata hdd not recognised when installing xp

    well guys i have a desktop with a sata hard disk. now when i install xp (SP2) or say i try to install xp it stops at the very starting and tells me that no hard disk is detected. please help .. before this i had a pata hdd and had no problums wotsoever .. thanks
  16. aytus

    a game for benchmarking under 500MB

    guys, i need a game mainly for testing purpose only, should be under or around 500 to 600MB .. and should be able to stress my 9600M gt to its fullest, when played, i dont play games usually but i think im gettin artifacts so just to conform/? also wud it be better to download 3d mark 06 instead?
  17. aytus

    Automate 2-8AM Bsnl downloads (easiest way no sheduling tasks)

    hi.. i know this has already been posted many times.. but i think that all of those tuts tell you to go through complicated processes.. i think ive found an easy way around.. first you need to download these two files.. this is reconnect.. used to automate...
  18. aytus

    restoring XP,s bootmanager

    hi guys.. i had xp installed on my c: and vista on d: the boot manager was vistas ... last night i formatted my d: drive.. that is vista,s drive.. but the boot manager is still showing vista.. now i want to restore Xp,s boot manager.. that is i want no boot manager at all cos i dont have two...
  19. aytus

    should I use PORT FORWARDING????

    hI!! all i am using H500 plan on BSNL and ive heard too mch about port forwarding .. so i gave it a try..and went ahead and configured it. but the thing is that there is no change in speeds wheather i use port forwarding or not. in both cases i get the same speed.. around 110KBps download...
  20. aytus

    Enabling DHCP in my router

    hi guys i need help in enabling DHCP on my router .. im using bsnl broadband.. router is wa3002g4 and recently when i connected it to my ethernet card .. it was saying accquiring network address and showing connection with lil or no connectivity.. now i hav mannually assigned ip to my pc .. and...
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