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    New MFD for heavy usage, Suggestions please

    Hey guys I need a new MFD as my earlier one proves to be really costly.I am looking for an HP one. My requirements are :- A large scanner preferably larger than a4 sheets Low ink consumption Ability to make copies without using a computer Photo printing not required Can anyone please suggest...
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    Laptop cooler for Dell XPS M1530

    Hi guys, I am looking for a cooler for my dell XPS M1530. I tried ebay but the coolermaster one's don't fit me as the fan of dell xps is at the left corner while the fan on most of the coolers is at the corner . So can anyone please suggest some other options ??
  3. Flashbang

    3D for spectacle wearers

    Thank You But are the one's provided by big cinemas big enough for that and do you fell giddy or something during the movie ??
  4. Flashbang

    3D for spectacle wearers

    Hey guys, I was thinking about watching Clash of The titans 3D tomorrow ie friday in big cinemas, delhi. Since I wear spectacles, I wanted to ask whether they provide some kind of clip ons ir something for people like me who cannot do without spectacles ??:-(
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    Exceedingly superb battery ???

    Hey guy's recently when I woke my laptop up from hibernation, I found the following message :- :shock::shock::shock::shock: It most have been from the last power cut since the battery wasn't charged.
  6. Flashbang

    Bit Meter 2 counting file copying as upload

    Hey friends , i just copied around 500 MB of data from my pc to cell phone memory card.I was connected to the internet but i had disconnected it while copying. Even then bitmeter 2 shows me a large upload at speed of around 1.5 MBps :shock: (impossible for bsnl) Is it counting the file copy...
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    HELLLLLLLLLP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My pc is 7 yrs old.Recently i opened all the components and cleaned them.The problem is that whenever I connect the Power switch wire to the pins and press the button, the cpu fan spins for a blink and stops.No beeps.I tried to change the wires to reset but no avail.Cant i make the pc start...
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    Help!!! Project1 Virus

    Everyone gives useless advice
  9. Flashbang

    Help!!! Project1 Virus

    Currently running Spybot, Threatexpert Scanner and ad-aware
  10. Flashbang

    Help!!! Project1 Virus

    Use avast with automatic updates + Spyware doctor
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    Help!!! Project1 Virus

    My pc is infected with project1 virus :evil:.I saw it when i saw dep error during startup.I can't find any proper removal steps or software....:cry: Anyone please give me some instructions how to remove it ?? (I use Windows Vista)
  12. Flashbang

    Emulate cd-r

    Please suggest a software to emulate Blank CD-R in PC because I want to get some movies from my handycam and it burns the movies only on CD-R, not even RW or directly on pc.
  13. Flashbang

    How Is Dell Service?

    Dell provides the best service even for inspiron and other range of laptops and desktops. They even send an engineer to fix the problem if it seems to be too technical to your house at no charges.:mrgreen:
  14. Flashbang

    Rear ports not working

    OS- Windows XP sp2 All my PCI cards (wifi, usb work) HDD access light doesn't work because the connection is on the motherboard are not labelled .(Is that related to this problem ??) Can you tell me about the connection part ??? Which connection supplies power to the ports ?? Edit :- RAM...
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    Rear ports not working

    RAM is clean Hardware :- Intel p4 1.7 ghz stock hcl 160 w psu 256 MB + 512 MB ram CD-RW drive DVD RW drive 40 GB HDD (its 7 yrs old and i dont know the exact brand names) How do I hear the sounds, the rear ports don't work. HDD works too i guess (i hear sound of spinning) I think there is...
  16. Flashbang

    Rear ports not working

    the fans work, the dvd/cd drives start working only keyboard, mouse monitor remain nonfunctional.
  17. Flashbang

    Rear ports not working

    I recently disassembled my pc and cleaned everything with a soft dry cloth.I connected everything back but now the rear i/o ports are not working .So, the ps/2 keyboard ,usb mouse and vga ports all are disabled.therefore i can't do anything. i don,t know the motherboard model but the pc is hcl...
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    Game You are Currently Addicted to

    I really love gta 4
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    iPhone prices slashed - in the US

    Apple has slashed the prices of iPhone and it is as cheap as normal 2MP phone in india.:twisted: The new apple Iphone 4GB costs only $99 (Rs. 4950) and iPhone 16GB 3G one is for only $199 (Rs 9950) Why do we have to pay 30000 for iPhone here.:shock: Why do we actually end up paying more for...
  20. Flashbang

    no wireless in puppy linux

    I said that wireless is not visible in the hardware list.I can't use ndiswrapper of wireless for ethernet.What about the sound ?
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