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  1. evewin89

    Abnormal CPU/Chipset Error No Booting & No POST

    Evewin LakraBIOSTAR Mobo And AMD CPU. No Booting Sound is coming,No POST. 6 days back I got into this problem & I still Don't Have The Solution To Fix This issue. My Biostar Pc is not booting........(No Booting Sound is coming) I tried everything I know. but its not letting me to even enter...
  2. evewin89

    Samsung Notebook Max it up contest is a Scam?

    Hello friends,Please advice me what should I do. Samsung Notebook facebook team cheated me. please click any one of my below links to find out what they did to me.:twisted: This is their facebook link These are the videos i made and posted it on...
  3. evewin89

    cheating methods of "TATA SKY"

  4. evewin89

    Getting blank calls from delhi?

    HELLO EVERYONE MY NEME IS CHRIS AND FROM YESTERDAY ONWARDS M GETTING BLANK CALLS FROM DELHI. THE PERSON WHO IS MAKING BLANK CALLS FROM DELHI MOBILE NO.IS- 8287053953 (call received on 3rd feb 2011) 9650530809 (call received on 8:51 AM on 4th feb 2011)9650530809 airtel gsm delhi SO...
  5. evewin89

    AMD Athlon II x4 processor showing 784 MHz speed?

    Hello guys. i just wanna know why my system info. is showing wrong info. as i have AMD Athlon II x4 processor 2.8Ghz. but in the system properties its showing its speed as 784 MHz. and i have installed 2GB corsair 1333Mhz DDR3 ram which is showing as 1.75GB in the system properties.Hello...
  6. evewin89

    W32.Ramnit worm. please help

    W32.Ramnit worm. please help hello guyz.......recently my pc. got infected by a virus (or spyware) known as W32.Ramnit i scanned my computer with Norton 360 and nod32, norton detected it but its not able to remove the virus so i formatted my os partition and then reinstalled xp but then also...
  7. evewin89

    which is better binoculars or telescope within my budget?

    which is better binoculars or telescope within my budget? budget is around RS-1000 to Rs-1500 planning to buy one for watching the wonderful stars and moon. buying from ebay india web site is a good option or not?
  8. evewin89

    xp the performence is not smooth.?

    hello everyone my new computer config is 1tb wd hdd amd athlon x4 630 ddr 3 ram mobo. biostar ta785g3HD i have installed 2 os 1.xp (on c drive) and 2.win7 (on d drive). my problem is that while running xp the performence is not smooth. i.e. it hungs for few mins many times.but win 7 runs...
  9. evewin89

    Is my config. Within Rs 30000) Good enough?

    I live in jamshedpur and I’m thinking to buy the following config. by the end of june or before 8th june (coz its my birthday hee hee) form kolkata because none of the products which I wanted to buy is available here in (jamshedpur) I want to know the exact price of the...
  10. evewin89

    can anyone tell me the latest price of a firewire cable?

    i have sony handycam and i want to transfer casette videos to my P.C through firewire cable so i wanna know the latest price of a firewire cable.:smile:
  11. evewin89

    suggest the best config. both Inter and Amd between Rs-25000 to Rs-28000

    suggest the best config. both Intel and Amd between Rs-25000 to Rs-28000 the P.C will be used for Multimedia Home entertainment only suggest MB suggest CPU suggest cabinet suggest RAM suggest HDD optional suggestion needed on gfx card and if possible plz mention the price.
  12. evewin89

    An alternative of Your Freedom?

    guyz m not finding any alternative proxy software for Your Freedom?so if anybody knows about it then plz help me.the proxy should support UDP Protocol.:razz:
  13. evewin89

    unexpected from DIGIT v2.0

    Hello frnds, My mom Pushpa lakra is one of the winner of digit festival contest 2009. I just wanna inform you all that I received a call from a digit person on 1st of dec 2009 who informed me that my mom won a digicam,so I just wanna know when I can expect my prize to be sent to my home?
  14. evewin89

    Connecting Speakers Directly to a Computer

    I was wondering if someone could explain to me (or point me in a specific direction), why it seems to me that you cannot hook-up stereo speakers directly to your computer (ie: connect to the sound card). I have seen numerous posts that indicate you must connect the computer to the stereo...
  15. evewin89

    enquiry about "digit festival contest"

    My mom (PUSHPA LAKRA) on 3rd Oct,2009 won a prize in digit festival contest. So I just wanna know when I can expect the prize to be sent by DIGIT to our home actually I m asking this coz I am very eager to see the prize. :razz:
  16. evewin89

    caution: never buy any product from HOMESHOP18

    hello frnds., i like to share my online shopping experience wit u all. last month my mom told me that our old iron is not working properly so we have to buy a new iron. so i thought lets try HOMESHOP18 coz they have vast collections of appliences and they also provide goods @ a very good rate...
  17. evewin89

    fake or REAL?

    Flag this message Conratulation!!! Friday, 9 October, 2009 12:24 AM From: "YAHOO MSN LOTTERY INC ®" <> Add sender to Contacts To: undisclosed-recipients Dear Winner This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of (SevenHundred Fifty Thousand,Great Britain Pounds...
  18. evewin89

    digicam "file format error"

    I have a Samsung s1060 digital camera. My problem is that I’m not able to view wallpapers on my camera. i.e (whenever I copy any image file on my digicam,I’m not able 2 view it in the camera display, it display “file format error”) is there any way to upload images from my PC 2 my digicam.:confused:
  19. evewin89

    prices of Ni-MH batteries?

    hello guyz, i want to know the prices of Ni-MH batteries? i also wanna know,which series is the best i.e Ni-MH 2100 or 2500 or 700?:confused:
  20. evewin89

    Digicam within a budget of 10,000?

    Guys, I m looking forward to buy a digicam within a budget of Rs.10,000 My requirement is:- It should be the best digicam within my budget. I m thinking of buying a camera from Samsung. (Samsung S1060) Plz guys don’t suggest me to buy a camera from canon. I also wanna know, if I purchase...
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