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    Urgent Help Required (WIndows 10 has entered into Restarting Loop)

    Dear Friends I recently tried updating the latest update of Windows 10 on my HP 2000 laptop, but now it has entered into restarting loop and i dont have any restore option nor its taking backup through troubleshoot option, now i want take the backup of my data as i have only one partition...
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    Windows Installer is not working

    Dear Friends/Experts I m unable to install the program as i am getting the below error “The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed” I am using windows 7 Thank You Kunal i dont know how to delete this thread but i got the solution from net thanks everyone
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    Unable to Boot Operational Systems

    Dear Friends/Experts I know this question might have put before also but could not search in this forum so reposting it. Well one of my friends systems has a problem. He is getting a message like unable to load the operating systems and he has tried to boot with CD for re installing and...
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    Unable to copy to external storage

    Hello Friends/ Experts I have replaced my old motherboard to new one and have installed XP but now the problem is that when i am trying to copy file to my external storage ( Pen Drive or Mp3 Player ) its giving error as "Cannot copy path is too deep". Kindly help me with this problem. Thanks...
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    tried to save outlook.pst to external drive, got CRC error, ran chkdsk, ran scanpst.e

    Kindly Help me out of this. Here's the sequence I've gone through. 1) I was copying outlook.pst to an external drive, got a cyclic redundancy error (I've been able to copy other files to this drive today so it appears the problem is specifically with the outlook.pst file). Note: Outlook 2003...
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    Strange Problem (urgent)

    Hello Friends/Expert. I am unable to copy and paste. whatever i copy it gets paste as "a" in other sense i am unable to copy and paste, but when i restart my system it works fine for some time then again the same problem. kindly help me out. thanks in advance Kunal Mehta
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    Unable to open drives on double click ( bit urgent)

    Hello Friends Unable to open drives on double click I am not able to access my drives(c,d,e,) Whenever i double click my drive it opens a dialog box which asks from me to choose a program from a list of programs to open the drive. Kindly help me out Thanks in Advance Kunal
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    Snaps from Video

    Hello Friends, Is that possible to take snaps from a Video? if yes then which software required to do that. Thanks in Advance Kunal
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    Microsoft Outlook Express Problem

    Hello Friends One of my friend has an problem in his Microsoft Outlook Express. The problem is in Sent Items. whenver we send a mail its gets stored in today, yesterday and last week but now its showing first box as tomorrow then today and then last week. If you want more clarrification...
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    Help Required

    Hello Friends, I have 2 Queries for you all. 1) Is that possible to Block Yahoo Messenger without blocking the Yahoo Website and if they have blocked yahoo messenger then now can we crack it. and 2) if we have forget the XP password is their any other alternative to loggin without...
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    Google talk problem

    Hello friends, By mistake i pressed CTRL+V in google talk display and all my contacts got invisible. i dint knew what to do that time so i uninstall google talk and then try to downlaod the EXE file from google site. now that exe file is not downloading properly and unable to insetall google...
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    Pls help me some body has hacked my yahoo password

    friends i am in deep trouble some one has hacked my yahoo password which is to be my official id and this is the id i used for my job and blood guy a member of thinkdigit has hacked my password how do i get back pls tell me its very urgent
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    unable to play games in yahoo messenger

    Hello Friends I am unable to play yahoo games through messenger though i have install flash and shock player. it just display blank
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    Help Me out with this strange problem

    Hello Friends/Experts I am having a strange problem with Yahoo Messenger at my office. First thing is they have blocked Rediff website but when the movement they unblock Rediff website the yahoo messenger gives a strange problem like its get log off and login repeatedly. Second problem is...
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    Excel Sheet Doubt

    Hello Experts, I have 2 doubts in excel sheet. 1) i want to count no of colors i.e. how many rows/columns with blue color or red or white color. 2) i want to highlight particular column with some color if that value is set true/false pls help me out with this thanks in advance Krunal Mehta
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    Outlook and IE problem

    Hi Friends, I am experiencing strange problem with IE and Outlook. i am unable to see any items in IE - Tools - Internet options. its totally white display. iin regard to outlook problem i am unable to read messages recieved from sender. even the start logo has become invisible in start...
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    Rediff,yahoo,hotmail is blocked can anyone help with this

    Hello Friends, At my office Rediff,Yahoo,Hotmail are blocked using Netgear Firewall is their any way to use this emails service or how can i break this netgear. i have to wait everytime for weekend where i can use from my place, as in normal working days i dont get time to use at my place...
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    Please Help my out

    Hello Friends, i formated my system and installed a fresh XP. now i am getting a strange error. i am getting the below dialog box c:\docume~1\MEHTA\LOCALS~1\TEMPSV~1.EXE THE NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction. C5:0578 IP:0283 OP:63 6F 6c 72 chose 'Close' to terminate the...
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    need a suggestion for LAN CARD

    My internet is not working so i contacted my broadband people that my net is not working and they checked and told me that everything is ok with the server and also with cable as they checked with some meter and said power is their in cable but my LAN card is not working. Mine LAN card is...
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    problem with outlook

    hi friends, i got problem with my office outlook. my mails are going from my outlook but its not reaching the concenr person. another problem is that i am able to download yahoo mails using yahoo pop to my outlook but unable to send the messages...
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