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    The ANGRY Pixel Alone In The Dark Contest

  2. ctrl_alt_del

    Vista Ultimate All Accounts Disabled

    Here I am after doing the stupidest thing possible last night. In Windows Vista Ultimate UAC, I disabled ALL the accounts and then restarted the system. Don't ask me why I did it. :( Now I am completely locked out and cannot login to any of the accounts in Vista. What do I do? I tried looking...
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    Work Permit in France, Some Questions.

    Does one require to have a birth certificate to get a work permit in France? I have my birth date reflected in my 10th and +2 certificate as well as in passport. Will that be sufficient enough? From what I know, one is required to report at the town hall of the specific city in France on...
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    The ANGRY Pixel | Gaming Indians GotY 2007 : Prize Winners Announced !

    ============================================================================ A small announcement for all the Indian Gamers out there. Here is a chance to make yourself heard and bag yourselves some goodies in return as well. [/B]
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    R-Connect On RIM's Prepaid Connection.

    I looked high and low but couldn't find sufficient information about this. I have a few specific queries to make, so I would really appreciate it if you guys can help me out with it. 1. How much does the data cable cost for a RIM LG RD 2340 cost? Is it all that's required to avail internet...
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    Bittorrent woes! Help needed!!

    For the last one year, BT had been working like a charm for me. But the speeds suddenly dropped to less than 5kBps in the last one month. My PC is a PIV 1.5Ghz, 256DDR-RAM with a 256kbps internet connection from our cable service provider, Ortel Telecommunications. They use DOCSIS 2.0 for it...
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    Demo Central

    This thread is meant to be a central hub for posting the links to all the latest demos that hit the scene. I will be regularly updating ths thread as and when new demos are released. Each demo will be listed under its own post coupled with a few sceenshots to give you an idea of what the game is...
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    Yahoo Messenger Crashes On Startup.

    Guys, this problem has frustated me no end. My Yahoo Messenger crashes on my Windows XP as soon as I start it up. No matter how many times I install it and re-install it, it keeps doing the same. Sometimes it does manage to run after a re-installation but crashes asgain the next time I boot...
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    Prince of Persia 3 confirmed for '05

    Last month, the third Prince of Persia game's existence was first revealed when Ubisoft unveiled its hefty game lineup for E3 2005. Today, though, the company unveiled the sequel in earnest. Though it still only bears the working title of Prince of Persia 3, the game will be released later this...
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    BitTorrent: Step by step procedure on how to use it!

    Bram Cohen, the creator of BitTorrent ( henceforth reffered to as BT ) has managed to make one of the most successful p2p software. It allows users to upload and download enormous amounts of data in a jiffy. Analysts at CacheLogic, an Internet-traffic analysis firm in Cambridge, England, report...
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    Call of Duty 2 Screens!

    Today I stumbled upon a discussion about Call of Duty 2 on a forum. On digging around, I found some screens and scan from the upcoming game. See for yourself! Here is a scan from a German mag with it's English version also: I wonder how I missed up on the news? Am I the only one...
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