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    Galaxy SIII (S3) Accessories

    I recently purchased the SGSIII White color. Can anyone recommend a good pouch or cover that I buy for this? Should I go for Samsung brand or something else? Also, are there any other useful accessories that I should consider buying?
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    PS3 Move

    Anyone here played on the PS3 Move? What is the experience like, is it worth it? Are there good gaming titles out there? I've heard about Sports Champions.
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    Any exp with buying from Snapdeal?

    Apologies if this seems off-topic. I'm looking for an ultrabook / laptop and seeing the prices on Snapdeal are significantly lower than Flipkart (more than 2K for some models). Not sure about the reason for the price diff. Has anyone purchased from Snapdeal before or knows someone who has...
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    Looking for an ultrabook

    Looking for good recommendations on Ultrabooks and also which models to avoid. (1) Budget - 50K (can stretch by a few thou if the model is worth it) (2) Size & Weight - preferably lightweight and slim (else I would be considering a normal laptop) (3) Brands a) I like - Lenovo, ASUS b) I...
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    Touchscreen laptops

    There is a lot of talk about laptops with touchscreen facility becoming mainstream now, at least in the US. How long do you think it will take for it to hit our shores? Is it worth waiting for it, given that Windows 8 is primarily designed for touch functionality?
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    Asus K55VM heating issue (?)

    Any proud owner of Asus K55VM (i5 or i7 variant) - could you please comment on whether or not this laptop has a heating problem? After many weeks of research, I'm trying to decide between this model and Dell 15R. There are a ton of reviews on Flipkart, some of them claim there is a heating...
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    Is Dell extended warranty overpriced?

    Dell's extended warranty for 2 years (complete cover, includes accidental damage) works out to Rs. 9,500. Other manufacturers like ASUS, Lenovo, HP gives extended warranty at nearly half the price. So whats so good about the extended warranty with Dell, is it worth the extra dough? Do they...
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    Asus K55VM new model

    It seems that a new model of K55VM has arrived, this one comes with 3rd generation Core i5 3210M processor (which is commonly used by other manufacturers). I'm told that the features are identical to the Core i7 model with the exception of the processor and hard disk capacity (750GB): Asus...
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    Which i7 processor is better? 3610QM or 3632QM

    I checked out Core i7 from different manufacturers, they are shipping either 3610QM (like Asus K55VM) or 3632QM (like Dell 15R). Which one is a better processor? If I go based on clock speed, 3610QM is marginally faster, whereas 3632QM has lower wattage (TDP of 35W).
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    Display hardware configuration / specs

    can someone please suggest a good software / benchmark tool that will display detailed hardware configuration / specifications? I want to run this on a friend's laptop.
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    Laptops with Student's Discount

    I was browsing through this forum and learnt that Dell provides 6% students discount on some versions of their laptop. This is very useful info for me as I'm a student and didn't know that I could avail a discount. Are there any other brands or retail outlets that provide a students discount?
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    Recommended Core i5 (3rd gen) Laptop

    Hi, Looking for a laptop that has the Intel Core i5 3210M (3rd gen) processor. The main motivation is that I want this laptop to last for at least 1.5 years or more, I figured going for a decent processor would give me the mileage, plus I'm planning to invest some money for extra RAM (not from...
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