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    MSI mobo or INTEL mobo pls. help would u compare the MSI RS480M2-IL mobo with ATI XPRESS 200 CHIPSET with the INTEL ORIGINAL 915 series(i need pci-express slots) mobos...??in terms of performance,gaming,etc.. 2.whats the difference between the 915 GAG,915 GAV,925 series...etc etc desktop boards in intel..which one is...
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    athlon 64 3000+ confusion

    A.the msi motherboards suitable for the athlon 64-bit 3000+ are as follows..they r based on the corresponding chipsets i just want to know which of one is the best..pls. go through their specs. also at the url they all have varied technical specs.i don't seem to understand them... :(...
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    system upgrade!!!

    guys i know you all are fed up with posts with computer configs..but pls. see if u can help me out.. :wink: 1.before all i need to know what are pci and pci express??are they a new interface for connecting the graphic cards or are they just graphic cards?how much a pci express card cost??are...
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    avg startup

    hi :D i use avg free edition 7.0 antivirus system.i used registry cleaner to delete invalid entries,etc... in the registry..after that everything is fine..but my antivirus system is not activated automatically during startup.. how do i make this alright..? thanks :)
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    Timeshifting in tuner cards.?

    The timeshifting feature in tv tuner cards say it is useful to avoid advertisements,other unwantred stuffs while recording live programs..but once i press the pause button(to activate timeshift) the recording process of course stops but even the live program gets,where is the...
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    tv tuner automatic power on?

    I bought the compro videomate PVR/FM yesterday!THANKS A MILLION MILLION TO ALL THOSE AT DIGIT REVIEWED THIS PRODUCT!!!!! it is just simply superb..just have a small query..with the scheduled recording feature...i want it to record a program when my pc is swithched off..and this is possible with...
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    need a good graphics card..

    guys mine is an athlon 2400xp,256MB ddr,ASUS A7N266-VM/SE mobo,Integrated Geforce2 chipset.Can u suggest a good 256MB video card so that i am able to play all the latest games with decent graphics. Budget 6000/-
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    win xp sp2 in sept,2004 DVD

    guys,does the win xp pro. sp2 provided in the sep'2004 DVD install only in a OEM or BOX pacakge of the same only or.....?
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    cs:cz help?

    I own the single player version of counter strike:condition zero.The cheats do not work for me.Anybody any idea?The version of the exe file is
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    InstallScript help

    I use win xp professional.While installing the game "America's Army" i get a runtime error as follows: "The InstallScript engine is missing from this machine. If available, please run ISScript.msi, or contact your support personnel for further assistance." I download "the 700KB...
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    Modem Troubleshoot

    My 56Kpbs d-link external modem does not connect to the internet.i.e,the connecting tone that you hear from the modem speaker is somewhat 'irregular' and it keeps on going without an end which is not supposed to happen normally.On taking it to the d-link company,they tested it right in front...
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    Multisession Confusion!!!

    1.i had created a "MULTISESSION DATA CD"(containing mp3 songs) using nero 5.the disc had a free space of 21mb since the last,i decided to replace a mp3 file named "xxx".OLD(for example) with a similar file named "xxx".NEW(for example).the" xxx."new was in fact smaller in size than...
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    Taken for a ride?

    i bought the samsung sm-352b combo drive a few months back.its max. writing and reading speed is 52x.dvd reading speed is 16x.i got it replaced (warranty replacement) recently since it developed some problem(could not read and write cd's).now it is working fine.but then,i feel i have been taken...
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