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    sony mdr ex 100lp or Creative EP-630

    I already own a Creative EP-630 (bought from flipkart). I'M pretty much impressed with the sound quality. Bass is very clear. I have no knowledge about those Sony EX100LP. I've used Tekfusion Twinwoofers, Soundmagic es18, JBL TEMPO On the hear headphones. I would suggest you to go for the...
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    Best 5.1 Speakers for 1 Lakh

    I'm about to buy a new audio system for my Living room. My living room is large (700 sqft). I have no idea which one to buy. I had planned to buy a DENON AV receiver and Energy Take classic 5.1 6 months ago but Energy take classic doesn't seemed to be available right now. So I've increased...
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