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  1. tech_cheetah

    any symbian champs out there ?

    Hi friends, I am new to symbian and am confused : 1. How to hack the phone to remove the 'certificate error' or 'certificate expired error'. 2.Have gone through some blogs pertaining to hellox, and requested for certificate and key on a chinese website, only to find that these were already...
  2. tech_cheetah

    Sudokool V 2.0 A must try

    Hi Friends ! After 3 years - finally I updated Sudokool and am launching it as v 2.0. You can find the old thread of Sudokool dating back to 25 Sep 2005 here Main features of this update are : - Puzzle generator added to generate unlimited puzzles - Improved puzzle solver algorithm...
  3. tech_cheetah

    vista automatically hibernating

    My laptop goes into hybernation automatically all of a sudden. Please suggest where the problem lies.
  4. tech_cheetah

    Sourceforge :: help needed

    I want to upload one project on sourceforge. I have created an account, and a project. But I am not getting how the things work there. Things are so confusing. Even for uploading the source code, I am not able to find any simple link The wiki gives link to file release system, where I uploaded...
  5. tech_cheetah

    Vista eating up all RAM and CPU !!

    After booting up Vista, the CPU usage is around 70 - 80 % even when I am not running any program. Major chunk goes into svhost.exe and lsass.exe Is there something wrong in the system or this is the way Vista behaves :D Screenshot
  6. tech_cheetah

    vista lnk files problem

    One of the shortcuts on my Vista desktop was not showing any icon and it was also not pointing to any application. So I selected the application manually for that and by mistake "Always use selected application for this kind of file" was enabled. Now all the shortcuts (lnk files) are pointing...
  7. tech_cheetah

    Bought hp 2701 tx

    Yesterday I bought hp 2701tx laptop from Nehru Place for 45.3K. Unfortunately, one of the speakers is giving noisy hissing sounds while playing music. Service centers remains closed on weekends, so waiting for Monday to get it replaced or atleast repaired soon. Since this is a manufactuing...
  8. tech_cheetah

    An interesting problem

    When i connect motorola s9 over bluetooth to my w580, it works fine. I tried listening to radio - connected the handsfree cord ,which acts as radio antenna and simultaneously connected s9 also. But the sound got pumped into the cord instead of s9 :-( Then i turned off radio and turned on...
  9. tech_cheetah

    file size limit while Downloading on Airtel gprs

    I am using airtel online in Bangalore on my W580i. I am not able to download files with size more than 2MB. Same happened when I was using the service on W850i. I dont know whether it is a phone limitation or some limit set by Airtel.
  10. tech_cheetah

    unable to share files between two PCs

    I am unable to copy the shared files on from one PC to other thru a LAN cable .. It shows the shared folder in the workgroup 'MSHOME' and also shows the shared folder on each of the PCs .. I am even able to connect thru the RDC on each of the PCs .. but when i try to access the shared files it...
  11. tech_cheetah

    Some awesome W850i flash themes ...

    These are some of the coolest flash themes supported on W850i For actual animation look at this youtube video But uploading these flash menu files into your phone is an uphill task. After several hours of effort I could upload them into my cell, in total 17 themes. All the...
  12. tech_cheetah

    Sify Internet Connection : for two PCs

    I have taken sify internet connection. They have provided dedicated line for this, but there is no modem. I want to access net on two PCs. There is however only one point they have provided with the line. I want to get it done with minimum investment. So guys please suggest how to access net on...
  13. tech_cheetah

    Mobility + Performance = hp dv2117tx

    Hi friends I am planning to buy a notebook in range of around 60k. Some of the things I want are : i) Vista capable iii) DVD writer iv) 1 GB RAM v) 100 GB HDD vi ) 14.1" Widescreen The only lappy which I feel I zeroed on is hp dv2117tx : * Processor - Intel® Core™ Duo...
  14. tech_cheetah

    gaming monster at 40k

    hi friends I m intending to buy a gaming pc around 40k the assembling guy has offered me the following config for 40 k (excluding 4% vat) P 4 2.8 GHz dual core (2MB Cache) with HT 800MHz FSB 512 MB DDR2 533 MHz XFX 6600 256 MB PCIe graphics card MB: Intel 945G with 6 channel audio, 16X...
  15. tech_cheetah

    has anyone worked in powerbuilder technology ?

    hi I am working on a project which has a GUI built in Powerbuilder. Can anybody tell me how popular,powerful is the power builder technology and what are its future prospects ?
  16. tech_cheetah

    flash mp3 player

    Hi friends ! I have bought an 512 MB mp3 player ( Chinese - Sony duplicate ). In the player, it showed 497 MB space n in PC also the same was shown. But when i was transferring songs, it could not take beyond 240 MB although the rest space was being shown free by windows and the player also...
  17. tech_cheetah

    how to gain entry into blocked site

    My company has blocked checking mail sites,songs,chat etc n all other fun stuff at office.Is there any way i can get access to my mail account atleast ?
  18. tech_cheetah

    open source n free software philosophy

    What is differtence between opensource software and free software? Is it necessary for the open source software to be free of cost? If some propreitary software is released on oss(eg. if MS releases its Office suite for linux) then is it mandatory to release its source code also...
  19. tech_cheetah

    Sudokool - testing phase

    ---plz ignore this post n scroll down for latest developments in Sudokool--- Dear Friends .. Hi !!! Here is a testing job for u people. I have modified the Sudokool game and optimised the display to work in linux.However it may be possible that still the game window doesn't give the desired...
  20. tech_cheetah

    Sudokool on linux - plz help me

    hi friends I have developed a game in java which is based on the popular sudoku puzzles. preview U can view more information about the game in the thread here Now the problem is that the game runs only in windows. The main game file is an executable jar file.So double click on the...
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