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    [Want to Buy] DDR3 LAPTOP RAM

    with warranty or without warranty?? I have samsung and hynix 4gb 12800 sticks.
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    [How to?] Fix Broken Downloads

    very useful tutorial.
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    HP Pavilion 15/G6 - powered by AMD Trinity/Kabini/Richland

    Re: HP G6 2005AX/2010AX/2201AX - powered by Trinity bought this lovely laptop 2005AX locally @33800 with bag.:-D
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    BSNL Penta IS709C at Rs 3999

    what about warranty issues? do they have service center in ghaziabad noida delhi?
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    Intel C2D e8400,MSI P45 neo,Transcend 3*1gb ddr2 667mhz ram.

    if you interested in shipping pm me.
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    Whole PC System

    plz put a picture of monitor in on condition with windows running on it.
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    Used pc components for sale in Delhi

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    [For Sale] Proccy+Mobo+Ram+Dvd Drive+case(with smps)+ups

    interested in whole lot..
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    Sony Ericsson C510

    man.. you are the seller. you can close thread with help of thread tools.. just a suggestion..
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    Good CPU vs good GPU vs good APU?

    you should extend your budget by 2000.. and get asus x53TA with AMd quad core apu with discrete gfx. great laptop in this price....
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    Add Cool Multi Function LCD To Your PC !!

    gr8!!!! nice work. it is really cool looking modding :-D
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    Computer Components - Desktop

    interested in proccy and mouse.. pm me.
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    [For Sale] Acer Aspire One (Netbook) - D255 (1 Year Old - Pristine/mint Condition)

    I think you need to revise the price. 13000 approx. one can get atom dual core..
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    Laptop Reference List (WIP)

    Nice thread..
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    Looking for a C2D/Dual Core rig

    hmm.. its ok..
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    Msi P43 Neo MB & XFX 8600GT

    Is board still there?
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    15'' or 17'' TFT/CRT monitor

    you have one? I also want 17'' tft if it comes under 2000..
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    want a led 16'' monitor

    MY budget is 4000 INR. Any special reason to keep those brands out?8-)
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