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  1. jatt

    YouTube downloader for iPhone 6s

    Hi friends I'm looking for YouTube downloader on my iPhone 6 S plus can you please suggest any best n free.thnx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. jatt

    How to Unlock Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Administration Password

    Hi, I unfortunately forget Admin password for Windows Server 2012,is there any easy way to reset the password so that i can login and save my data without reset OS. Is there any good tool to reset password specially for server, I tried so for is Hiren Boot cd,but its unsuccessful in this case.
  3. jatt

    How to control youtube and customise for kids

    Hi frnds, I am looking for quickest and easiest way to make YouTube kid-friendly.I don't want youtube's full video access to my kid on iPad. What do i need to do? Is there any specific app for that.Thanks in advance.
  4. jatt

    Can I recover data from a Mac hard drive using a PC

    Hi frnds, I want to copy data from a Macbook hdd,and my Macbook is not turning on but hdd is in good condition so i want to recover hdd whole stuff to my win 7 computer.How can i do that? Is there any software by which's help i can see my Macbooks HDD into my windows 7 PC.Please guide...
  5. jatt

    Please suggest a best accounting software for computer repairing business

    Hi frnds, I just started my computer/laptop fix business and i am wondering for a accounting software which can fulfill my requirements like job sheet creation,inventory management,customers management,banking etc etc.. Much appreciate if any best software you can suggest please.Thanks
  6. jatt

    Need help to install app on iPhone

    Hi friends I'm trying to install some applications from my computer to iPhone 5s. For this I m using itools software but its not working correctly. When I try to install any third party application with this it's giving a message verification error.How can I solve this problem please...
  7. jatt

    Need help to clean install on MacBook

    Hi, I want to clean install on MacBook but from where I can download OS X 10.7.5 lion.please guide how can I? Thanks
  8. jatt

    Need Help to Install Windows Vista Home basic

    Hi frnds, I need help installing windows vista without system restore cd with OEM key,how can i and from where i can download windows vista home basic edition to clean install so that after that i can activate it with original key.thanks
  9. jatt

    Need help to install Operating System on Macbook

    Dear frnds, I need help to install operating system on Macbook, Can i install fresh OS on this,is it possible to backup all data first and then place back onto Macbook after installation completes. if yes then how,I have not any copy of operating system no any CD or DVD. Please help in this...
  10. jatt

    Suggest a software for online TV

    Hi, Frnds please suggest me a list of best software for online TV channel. The story is that we want to start a online TV channel and we need a best software for editing and to publish all things like a professional TV channel like scroll bars, adds and different stuff. So please let me know...
  11. jatt

    Please help to install windows on laptop

    Hi frnds, Happy new year, Please help i purchased laptop with registered windows and a sticker on the back of this laptpop,but now i want to format whole hardisk and want to clean install regional registered windows 7 how can i do that,because there is no option for to fill serial key in if i...
  12. jatt

    Laptop shuts down after heat up

    Dear friends, I have Compaq Presario laptop. Here is problem that it heats up very soon after turn on and sometimes gets off without any command. Here is no case of virus like activity I think it’s the case of hardware but please help me here and tell me what I need to do exactly with this...
  13. jatt

    Need help for iphone

    dear frnds, i want to use vodafone mobile internet pack on my iPhone but could not able to see the option for APN with vodafone SIM,on the other hand its working fine with reliance SIM and also able to edit APN with that SIM,but not with vodafone Please help me here what is the problem with...
  14. jatt

    Need Onlince donation service on website

    I would like to create a website linked to a bank or investment account so that friends and other relatives can gift $ or Rs. to be used in support of the disabled persons. Ideally, the website would process credit cards, paypal, account withdrawals, so that it is easy for people to donate...
  15. jatt

    Need help to connect nokia E52 on Wifi

    Dear frnds, I want to use my home bsnl broadband connection over nokia E52,i am able to connect my type two modem with phone successfully,but could not able to surf any website over phone,why?? Please guide me,give me tutorial here,I shall be very thankful to you for that.
  16. jatt

    HP Deskjet 4488 printer problem

    Dear frnds, Here is HP DeskJet 4488 printer. It’s not working with color cartridge while working well with only single cartridge (black).Replaced cartridges with new one. But no solution. And after that I replaced its complete cartridge set with another working printer but no solution. Please...
  17. jatt

    Memory Card currupted.what need to do now

    Dear friends, a person who is professional photographer came to me and told his story which I want to share here because I need help from you all of you guy. He told me that last Sunday they went to cover a marriage party, at evening time they have lost their memory card from camera which was...
  18. jatt

    Help me here

    Hi frnds, here is very strange problem that's why i came back here need serious help from all of you friends. System info: p 4 processor 2.66 and AMI 915 motherboard,512MB RAM DDR,Hardisk(not can tell exactly:smile:) Problem:I changed Motherboard first because its time was not saved in bios...
  19. jatt

    Suggests A Good Microwave

    Dear frnds,I want to purchase Microwave so please suggest any good.I am confuse. do i need solo or grill or convection model. My budget is max.Rs.7000 and i am prefer to LG what you will suggest here. I also want to purchase from ebay if second hand will available is that right for me or do...
  20. jatt

    Help about busy account software

    dear friends, i want to migrate my all data and important account information from currently Busy version 2.8(Dos based) to Busy 3.0(Window Based).Please suggest here,is it possible to migrate or not if yes what is the complete procedure.Its urgent for me.I will be thankful to you for that.
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