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    Htc one x from flipkart or ebay

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy htc one x 16 gb model. in flipkart it comes around 31k (32k and 1k cashback) HTC One X - HTC: in ebay some seller are selling at price of 25k NEW HTC ONE X WHITE 16 GB ANDROID SMARTPHONE WITH WARRANTY AT&T UNLOCKED | eBay or 27k HTC One X |...
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    Australians are Indian :D

    BBC News - Ancient migration: Genes link Australia with India
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    US warns on Java software as security concerns

    US warns on Java software as security concerns escalate - Technology on
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    chennai accommodation

    Hey guys, I am moving to chennai for job.. I think many of the members are from chennai here.. My job location will be near guindy.. can anyone suggest good society for accommodation near there? Thanks..
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    Got new HTC touch HD2

    Hey guys, just wanna share that I have got my new HTC touch HD2 phone wih 1ghz processor.. I have been using that since a week and so far so good.. happy with it except some lag in phone with lots of SMSs (even with 1 ghz processor :D ).. has anybody has the same phone? can share the exp..
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    site hacked help require

    Hello, Its me again...I dont know what f**ck*in is**m*c hackers has problem with me. my blog is hacked .. It redirects to site after loading. according to my primary analysis from page source, refresh meta tag is added in navigation page bar which is...
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    wordpress blog hacked.. help required

    Guys, today morning when I tried to log in to dashboard of my newly created blog, I was not able to log in. then I thought that it might be because of yest day's drink and I might have changed it ;) but then i tried to recover my password and to my surprize there was no user in wp-users table...
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    any one has PSP here?

    hello, m planning to buy PSP. does anyone have it? plz share your view on this device..
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    Any Mafia out there?

    hey guys currently playing mafia wars in facebook.. and addicted to it.. is anyone else like this game?
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    racist attacked on indians..

    recently thera are many racist attack are done on indian... are indians weakest target? is is because of their job are "banglored"?
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    Hyd won IPL

    Guys Hyderabad won IPL 2009... I supported banglore but it went like india team ;)
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    Anybody own zune here?

    Hello does anyone own zune here? Will you share some thoughts on it.. I have ipod and i m considering to buy zune for my gf..
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    suggest me some led zeppelin songs

    Any Led Zeppling fans around??? I have never heard and ignored this band. I want to listen now.. can anyone suggest some good songs?
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    16-year-old ruled cyber fraud gang from Mumbai

    Police has arrested a 16 years old, Class X student Ajay, who was ruling cyber fraud gang from Mumbai. Ajay was picked up from Mumbai on Thursday & detained by the Gujarat police in a hacking case that left them baffled with its global spread. The St Ann’s student from Mulund has mastered the...
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    New HTC Touch Pro .. Awesome..

    Hey man, HTC just officially announced the release of HTC Touch Pro known as Raphael.. Check the link.. advantage over HTC Diamond is it has SD card slot.. hmmmm ..and kayboard (not necessry for me!!) I change my mind nw.. will wait for...
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    "photos of me" feature in orkut

    Hey, there is new photos of me feature in orkut.. have anybody seen it? In that you can tag your photos with your friends.. and whichever photos are are taged to u by your friends are seen in your "pohotos of me"..
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    help : wireless connection not working in suse 10.3

    Hi, I have installed suse 10.3 on my compaq laptop. but Knetworkmanager is not listing any wireless network around.. I have manu wifi connection arround me.. network card is intel pro/wireless 3945ABG any help would be useful
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