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    The 'DONATE TO DIGIT' Thread

    Well lately Digit seems to try EVERYTHING to get a click or two from it's visitors and earn some money. Latest in the addition I have seen is ADs after the first post and last post. (It's a mod in vB) The site already has few dozens of ADs on every page and adding this only seems how poor...
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    What's wrong with Digit!!!

    Is it just me or everyone else too is seeing half page AD on digit? Almost half of my left side screen is covered with AD and a banner AD on the right side. The forum is reduced to less than 30% of the total width of the page! See what I mean:
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    Hard Drive Weight Increasing?

    I am sorry if this has already been posted. I didn't get it when I searched the forum. It's hilarious though :D
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    Is ebay trustworthy?

    I just came across a used Dell XPS 1530 on ebay which the seller has listed on sale for just Rs.11,000. It's about 10 months old. He has also posted pics of the same. He claims to be from Noida but is a new member with 0 feedback ratings. I just wanted to know, in case if I went ahead with...
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    All ATMs free from today - NO APRIL FOOL JOKE!

    All ATM's will be free from today irrespective of your bank. A RBI circular came into effect from today which states that banks now cannot charge any fees on withdrawing cash from their ATM's if the customer uses another banks ATM card too! Check today's TOI front page left side newsreel for...
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    haemoglobin meter?

    Hey guys does anyone of you know any device for checking haemoglobin at home? My mother's haemoglobin level is always low and hence she needs frequesnt check-ups. I was wondering if there is any device that can be used to check the same at home itself which would save the trouble of going to...
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    Win Free Talktime and Prizes with Live Search!

    Windows Live search has come up with a promotional offer of giving away free prizes if you search using Live search. They are giving free talktime of 10 min to every winner which will be decided in 'Search Game' of 10 minutes. There is a new session every 10 minutes and for every one session...
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    Google has changed - SEO will no more be the same!

    Read full story at my blog here:
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    XP login message help needed

    My PC was infected with virus and few days ago and since then, I am getting a message in some unknown language just before logging to my XP account. While the virus is complately removed as per Kaspersky, I still get that message. Can anyone please help me with this? Thanks in advance...
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    GoDaddy domains for $0.99 only!

    GoDaddy is offering domains for as low as $0.99 only. Offer available on all TLD's. Don't know when the offer will end so HURRY! Here's the coupon code: 99DOMAIN Visit my site for more details...
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    Is Rediff's Standard declining?

    Anyone feel that Rediff's standard is declining these days almost in every field like news, movie reviews and to some extent even mail service? Take e.g. the recent mistake they did here: They posted...
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    Airtel 2000 free SMS?!

    I am using Airtel Prepaid card in Maharashtra and recently I came to knew about a 'Sunday SMS Pack' in which one can get 2000 free local SMS and the pack costs Rs.11. (In short you can get 2000 SMS in Rs.11) But the catch is this pack is valid only for ONE Sunday i.e. 24 hours of the coming...
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    Totally FREE Web Hosting

    I have started a Web Hosting service and I am offering it totally free to you. You can register for your free accounts here: I can also set up your website for you for a nominal charge of Rs.100/site. I will uploald the script and install it for you as per your needs...
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    Anyone heard of Google SMS Channel?

    Has anyone tried the new Google SMS channel service? It's been developed by Google India and still in google labs for testing. You check it here: AND HERE It's similar to
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    Domain set up. Please help

    Hi, I purchased a domain today and I want to setup that for my site which is at Now I want to setup Add-on domain in my free hosting account. I have a folder called "htdocs" in root directory where all the original files are located...
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    .info Domain for sale

    EDIT: Domain name : Expire on : 5th Feb, 2009 Domain still available for sell !! BIN Price : $2.5 flat... No bidding . (However I don't have probs if you still want to :D) FREE domain push at only...
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    Hot chicks on CNN-IBN !!

    I was surfing a site and a Google Ad "Sexy Hot women - Watch sexy hot Indian women from the world on" caught my attention. Check for yourself: EDIT: It took me to this page:
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    A New Search Engine

    I just came upon a new search Engine, which actually is pretty good in results. Sometimes infact I felt much better than Yahoo and MSN !!... Moreover the one thing I liked about it Adult/Porn Filter.... to search for such queries you either need to be logged in ... Check here:
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    Wordpress - Feedburner Plugin

    Hey guys is there any wordpress plugin in which we can show our no. of email subscribers at feedburner rather than readers ? please let me know if any. THANKS !!
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    Make FREE Calls Anywhere in India !!

    Ok this might sound fake but it is true. You can make free calls to anyone in India that too from your mobile through this site called This is basically a social networking site, but can be used to make FREE calls too using one of their feature. Visit this post on my site for...
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