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    tranfer data from ssd to hdd

    i installed a new 1 TB HDD in my laptop which already has a 256GB SSD to transfer my data in c drive(ssd) to hdd (partitioned by the cmptr repair chap).i have to tranfer photos,downloads and music data to on windows 11..thanks
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    home security device compatible

    please advice...budget below 3K...should be jio device compatible ..required for monitoring a single room ..essentially a hnadicapped person...not necesarily a 360 camera...had a portronics see saw(which was being use with the DANALE app) which broke apart bcoz of some fall..thanks
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    Is bbkn1 safe to use this a safe site..his deals are too cheap
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    mobile android under advice

    1. Budget? Up to 11 k 2. Display type and size? nil 3. Dual sim? yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? no chinese brands. 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Don't care about camera. 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS,Stock Android etc). Android, as close to...
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    opening page within the same tab--microsoft edge-how

    please help.whenever i open a link in a new tab,it redirects me to a additional page rather than the webpage opening in the same tab.tried all stunts including number of youtube advcies and exyensions..but no fayda.please help.
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    Just experienced BSOD in my win 10 pc..the recovery option wouldnt work insisting on a incorrect password...however tinkering with open in safe mode with networking did the trick? as pc working again...downloaded a freeware BLUESCREENVIEW to check BSOD which shows no damage.what should i make...
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    sd card not seen in windows 10

    please advice what to do...cant see sd card using a sd card reader in my windows 10 pc
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    Scanning non digital photos

    I gave to save soft copies of old non digital photos...which would be scanner apps or a pc connected printer cun scanner
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    smartwatch/smartband under 5K

    please advcie..hows noisecolorfit pro
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    Home use printer

    Required for occassional printing..budget..max 7 k...printing less than100 pages per month...scanner also required...cartridge refillsble type...color required
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    phone under 13K

    1.Budget?-13K 2. Display type and size?-android 3. Dual sim?-yes 4. Preferred choice of brand?-none 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)?-not importsnat 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS,Stock Android etc).-android 7. Preferred connectivity options (Dual...
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    Bluetooth app to connect phone with denon avr

    any such avr doesnt read all it reads mine but not another asus zen pro max 1..
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    PC for home use for kids

    please advice a pc(not laptop) for my kids which can be used as with wi fi also...for their studies including online classes..the budget in MINIMUM 10
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    RW CD or DVD

    using a portable external cd writer..on my win 10 asus lappie..have issues with RW CDs...they have limited use,wont accept data after some use.any good free cd burner which can help.also which are the best RW CD brands...cant use a pendrive because of government restrictions on official...
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    covert led tv to smart tv

    please telll me devices which can do this conversion...the net is full of them...with conflicting details.i have a 32 incl led tv lg
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    Old games-will they work?

    i have few cd games of janes combat WWII fighters,F15 etc...all in cd rom...will they work in windows 10 ...or hoiw to make them work.I have a laptop..with of course no electronic game somewhere--NO CD PATCH compatible type will be required??
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    Password protection of folders in cloud

    Please advice any free siftware which can be used to password protect files/folders or photo folders also to upload in cloud storage...hundred of such software in google is mindbogling
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    removing winzip windows 10

    how can winzip be removed which is not showing up in programmes and or revouninstaller..
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    Portable Hardisk

    Wanted for backing up data....looking for a economic version.....perhaps 500 GB quite enough..please advice which to buy
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    Type C usb type charger cable/docks

    my pc has a type c usb port...does this port really offer faster charging/data transfer speeds versus usb type 3 ports etc..and if so..please advice a good brand usb type c dock which can accomodate multiple ports like sd card reader,hdmi and usb type 3.0.thanks
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