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    want a led 16'' monitor

    I want to change to a led monitor. How about intex 16'' led monitor? are they good?
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    DDR 1 PC3200 for desktop

    I need ddr 400 for desktop. 512 or 1 GB will do. If anyone has PM me with expected price make how old and anyother point he wish to tell me
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    Net speed booster propel accerlater

    Is there any other good program to boost the internet speed? :grin:
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    mpga 478 socket 945 motherboard

    hello guys, I need a motherboard as described in the subject for Pentium IV proccy.
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    Installation of Ubuntu10.10 step by step (for a noob like me)

    Hello guys, I haven't use ubuntu. :sad:I get my CD direct from ubuntu linux . can you guys help me installing it.. :smile: or if there is any tutorial or any thread of that kinda plz gimme link.. you guys are very supportive and kool I knw...
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    need a mPga 478 socket 945 motherboard

    Hello guys, I have a really old computer which worked fine untill the mobo is dead :-x So right now I need a old mobo for my P-4 .If anybody has that let me know plz. I also want to know one more thing.there are chinese 945 boards available in the market. Is it fine to use a chinese one?
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