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    Lumia 620 or Galaxy s duos?

    hi guys, I am bit confused abt which phone to choose (actually abt OS also), lumia 620 has good display,camera, overall good hardware package but software is little downside(only becoz of WP8). the other one galaxy s duos has single advantage of Android os.:-? I never used windows phone...
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    Which is this song or soundtrack?

    Hi, I got a ringtone of this, Want to know which is this song or soundtrack? (mostly i think it is english ) :???: LINK: 4-1526945-16666233 by parikshit1212 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
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    Reballing GPU in PUNE?

    Hi Anyone know a good hardware repair center which is expert in reballing GPUs in PUNE city. :-?:-? Plz tell me...
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    Android phone within 15 to 17K ?

    Plz suggest me a good resolution dispaly phone within 15 to 17K. A good dpi (above 200) is my primary req. I shortlisted DEFY+ Xperia RAY (don't know exact price) Xperia neo V Which one is better ? Any other suggestions? :|
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    No torrents or Emule through squid internet

    hi I have BSNL internet connection but it is connected through squid (linux) to create multiple connections of internet with some rules. My prob is that i can't able to download through torrent or emule. It says unable to establish TCP connection. I think some setting in squid is not...
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    External HDD Which one 3.5" or 2.5" ?

    hi I am going to buy an external HDD 1 TB USB 3.0 with backward compatibility. My friend suggested that if you are buying 1 TB you must go for 3.5" i.e with external power supply. In 2.5" 1 TB your data may get corrupted as it is without external power supply. :sad: But i want to buy 2.5"...
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    Need Hardware Temp monitor s/w

    Hi I need a hardware temp monitor s/w. s/w that monitors all temps. CPU, HDD. GPU etc. for win7 should be available on desktop. Any free software?
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    Any compaq presario v3424au Owner here?

    hi is there any compaq presario laptop v3424au owner still here? i hav compaq presario v3424au laptop, which start giving problem of no display, overheating. i found out that there is a problem in motherboard. This prob is in all v3424au laptop. is here anyone faced the same kind...
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    Is it real or a ............

    I gotta this mail this morning is it real :?: I don't think so... what do you think
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    Need a phone for music + web browsing @7K

    hi i need a phone specially for Web browsing i.e. it must have big display and high res. 3.5 mm jack Fm with RDS micro usb 2.0 for charging and data connectivity. Document reader I searched and found Samsung Corby LG cookie KP500 Nokia 5233 Which one is good? Any other suggestions?
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    what happened to Google ?

    When i try to access Gmail all web browsers say "This Connection is Untrusted " Also i can't able access When i search the address in and click on it, it redirects to some other place :sad: says security threat analysis :?: Google search is not giving proper search...
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    TV on Widescreen monitor ?

    Hi I want to know that if Widescreen monitor is used for watching TV, will the picture blur? Widescreen monitor has aspect ratio 16:9 whereas tv broadcast has 4:3. will monitor adjust itself picture quality? is it worth watching tv on Widescreen monitor? finally plz suggest any good and...
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    USF1 : A Big Opportunity Lost for Formula 1?

    With the news of the last few nights that the USF1 Formula 1 team, led by Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson, looks doomed, I thought that I would round up the full ratifications of the teams expected failure to make the grid this season. :shock: For more Click here Facebook page...
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    WorldSpace radio to be turned off from Dec 31

    On December 31, the WorldSpace satellite radio broadcast service will go off air for all customers serviced from India. This terse announcement on Christmas Day comes in an e-mail to subscribers from Mr Robert Schmitz, Chief Restructuring Officer, WorldSpace, Inc. The mail goes on to say that...
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    Michael Schumacher says yes to £20m Mercedes return to Formula One

    Grand Prix legend Michael Schumacher has said "yes" to a Formula One comeback. The 40-year-old has finally been persuaded to come to the rescue of car giant Mercedes, who gave him his Grand Prix break 19 years ago. Mercedes came up with £125,000 to hand Schumacher, then an unknown, his...
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    Autopatcher and XP SP3 is same ?

    Is the latest autopatcher and SP3 contains same updates? Should i just go for updating from Sp2 to Sp3 OR use latest autopatcher?
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    Court ruling forces Mininova to end illegal torrents

    The Netherlands-based file-sharing website Mininova has removed all torrents that enabled users to download copyright-protected material. The move follows a ruling in a Netherlands district court three months ago ordering the firm to remove links to illegal content. The court said that...
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    Same mobile number for any operator ?

    I heard that you can keep same mobile number even if you change operator. TRAI will make this thing in real. :? Is it true? when will this happen :?:
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    Motorola DROID, The new Android phone !

    With the DROID, the company has perhaps created its most attractive and intriguing piece of technology yet. Forging an alliance with both Verizon and Google, Motorola has come up with a second compelling reason to count the phonemaker down, but certainly not out, while the other two giants have...
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    How good is SEED Training Institutes

    How good is SEED Training Institutes in pune :?: any one have joined it? do they provide better job assistance? Any experience.......
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