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  1. evil_maverick

    SSD upgrade???

    Hey.. Planning to upgrade my current 840 evo 120 gig ssd to 850 pro 256 gig.... Worth it??? Thanks
  2. evil_maverick

    Best possible Upgrade???

    Hello .... My current Config :: CPU - AMD FX 8320 Motherboard - ASUS M5 A97 LE R 2.0 RAM -Kingston HyperX Blu 1600 Mhz 8 gb DDR 3 Graphics card - XFX R9 280 X 3 gb HDD - 1) Samsung 840 Evo SSD 2) WD 500 GB Cabinet - Lancool PC K-57 CPU Cooler - Deepcool Neptwin PSU - Seasonic 600 Watt...
  3. evil_maverick

    Very own home made dust filter....:-P

    Used a pair of stockings to make this very effective dust filter for the cabinets(lancool pc k57) side intake fan..... Total cost Rs 50....:-)
  4. evil_maverick

    Best CPU Cooler for AMD FX8320..

    Hey every one... Looking for the best CPU cooler for my 8320 which will fit my lancool k57 case..max budget 5k....plz suggest...
  5. evil_maverick

    GPU Temp ...

    My config: CPU : AMD 8320 MOBO : ASUS M5A97 LE R 2.0 GPU : XFX R9 280X RAM : 8GB KINGSTON HYPERX BLU 1600 PSU : SEASONIC ECO 600W CABINET : LANKOOL PC K 57 The cabinet has one intake fan upfront (140mm) and one exhaust fan(120mm) at the back. I have put one additional fan on the side panel, a...
  6. evil_maverick

    display switches off and on just for a second or so...

    Hey... i am having a queer problem.. my computer is hooked up to my samsung led tv via a hdmi cable.. the display turns off and on on its own once in a while for a second or two.. what could be the problem?? i have used the same hdmi cable else where and there are no probs... my config ...
  7. evil_maverick

    Slow data copy speed over home wifi network..

    hello every 1, needed some quick adv, am using a ASUS RT N1 3U B1 (with ddwrt firmware)..everything is working fine..but.when ever I try to copy and paste files from my fone to the comp..I get reallly low arnd 600 to 700 this normal? using win 7 ultimate..64bit.. thanks..
  8. evil_maverick

    Need a cabinet...cheapest possible with front usb 3.0!!

    Hello... decided on this config : AMD FX 8320 Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 MSI NVIDIA N760 Seasonic ECO 600 WD Caviar Blue 500 GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 8 GB 1600 (Going to connect the setup to my Samsung F5500 Tv) Now i need a nice cabinet to go wid this... with usb 3.0 ports upfront..and...
  9. evil_maverick

    Dell Inspiron 15 3537:::: worth buying??

    am confused how is this possible such a price diff?? Buy Dell Inspiron 3537 Core I7 4th Gen Laptop, 8GB Ram, 1tb Hdd, 2GB Graph, 15.6 HD Online | Best Prices in India: Rediff Shopping Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop (4th Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8/ 2GB Graph) Rs. 57990.0 Price in India - Buy Dell...
  10. evil_maverick

    ::SOLD My Note 2.....Need a Phablet....

    Hey, sold my note 2 today on ebay.... Need to buy a new phone/phablet Narrowed down to : 1)HTC Butterfly s 2)Note 3 (To be announced in sept....may be will be launched globally in October) So to wait for the Note 3 for 2 months or wait for the butterfly s for a few days ?? p.s - wt...
  11. evil_maverick

    ASUS Service......out of this world (PUN)

    ...My Asus RT-N1-3U-B1....purchased in May 2013..suddenly stopped working a few days back.. went to the local Asus service....they took the router and asked me to call after a week....i did..they told me to come and pick it up... but alas!! i go there and they give me a old looking...
  12. evil_maverick

    Confused which TV to buy....DTS OR NO DTS

    Hello ppl, i am looking to buy a new FHD LED TV.. Budget is arnd 40k... Now i was looking at a few of the older models ... i narrowed down to samsung 42EH5000 & 40EH6000..both these Tvs offer roughly the same..the 6000 has a higher refresh rate.... now i was confused about whether these tvs...
  13. evil_maverick

    my DV6:6017tx is dead :'(

    Hello every1 To start off ..I have been using the hp dv6 6017 tx since july 11. And am extremely happy with it. But today after I got back frm ofc I tried switching it on and it just didnt start! Even tho everything was fine after I shut it off las nyt, I kept on pressing the power on button...
  14. evil_maverick

    "UNEXPECTED ERROR" in Win 8..

    Hey every1 i am facing a queer problem ... when ever i am trying to access network connection properties in windows 8 ...i keep getting an unexpected error!! the same happens to the wifi adapter also...but i can go online using the wifi connection!!! plz help!! thanks
  15. evil_maverick

    Upgrading from the hp dv6-6017tx!!

    Hey ppl, long time!! been a proud owner of the HP Dv6 6017 tx for over a year now... but lately have been thinkin of selling it off and getting a new one(for the sake of upgrading)... at last got a decent deal to sell it off(for the record not having any probs wt soever with the laptop) but...
  16. evil_maverick

    Nexus s or Desire s or Neo or Milestone 2

    hey ppl, torn betn the 4 of em.... g2 get a nu fone ....has to be " Android " but which 1 ??? :( so confused....
  17. evil_maverick

    pes 09 sound problem!!

    hello ppl... m havin a lil prob wid ma pes 09 (pc).. the thing is every time m playin da game..jus in the middle..the commntry gets stuck!! and the commentator keeps on repeating the same thing again and again for atleast a few minutes..until a goal is scored or a foul is committed.. and...
  18. evil_maverick

    windows update help!!

    is there anyway ,by which i can save the updates dat i hv dwnled frm microsoft for ma os(vista ultimate),and reuse them if i hv to re install the os??
  19. evil_maverick

    cant acces one https site!!

    hello ppl!! i m having a weird problem!! m using win vista ultimate,wid all the updates installed .. and i hv kaspersky internet security 7.. now i m hvin trouble accessing dis site(wid firefox as well as ie) -- firstly when ever the site opens i dont c any images, secondly...
  20. evil_maverick

    cant save progress in ut3!!

    hey guys!! started playing unreal tournament 3 ,las nite.... but the problem is dat i cant save my progress!!or my settings, everytime i restart the game i hv to start frm scratch!!! i googled...n found out dat ihv to dwnld sum 200 mb patch!! but is there any way i can do it widout dwnlding...
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