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  1. ghantaukay

    Want to update my ipad2 to iOS7

    I have downloaded iOS7 update onto my pc and its in my downloads file. How do I update my iPad2 to the new OS (iOS7) by using the download ( a 1 GB file). When I try to update from my iPad, the download gets interrupted when its half way through and the update fails. That is why I downloaded the...
  2. ghantaukay

    Mouse cursor disappears and cannot type

    Lately, while using Word or Excel I notice the page refreshing (a slight blip) and the cursor disappears and then the keyboard stops responding and I have to click the mouse for the program to continue and then it happens again and again. This happens even in Notepad. I think it must be a driver...
  3. ghantaukay

    ipad2 battery drains out

    I hope someone will be able to help me out on this one. My ipad2 has been my constant companion since New Year 2013 and I love it and will not be able to live without it. But of late I am having a slight problem. I have a Logitech ultrathin keyboard which can be used to switch off the ipad when...
  4. ghantaukay

    problem with TP Link MR 3020 wifi connection

    I have a TP Link MR 3020 wifi modem to be used with a 3G dongle. I have used it satisfactorily for about 3 -4 months. I use the wifi to connect my ipad2 to the internet. Owing to some problem I had to reset my ipad to factory settings. In the process the wifi password got lost. I wasnt able to...
  5. ghantaukay

    JAR file not opening in Windows 7

    I have windows 7 OS. I have installed JRE 1.6 and when I try to open a jar. file I just get a list of other files common , javaapplication, jxl and META-INF. When I click on them I just get a whole list of CLASS files and other files. The .jar file is supposed to open a FORM for Prof Tax...
  6. ghantaukay

    OCZ SSD Vertex 4 stopped working

    I bought an OCZ Vertex 4 ssd in Feb this year and installed my OS in it and it was real good till the other day when I got this bsod and then zappp...everything went blank and when I tried restarting i see that the ssd is not showing in my bios and so i tried it on my friend's pc and the same...
  7. ghantaukay

    [Want to Buy] Wanna buy a Karaoke system

    Guys.My gf is a pro singer. I intend to buy her a karaoke system...full blown ....with microphones and the whole thing...can u suggest one available in India...price between 20 to 25 Grand
  8. ghantaukay

    WIndows 7 help needed

    My brother's pc is acting weird. On start up the windows 7 start up screen loads with all the blue red green and yellow balls hovering and then swooping down to the WIndows logo.And then nothing...the mouse arrow is there but all I can get is a black screen. The monitor is on and so is the CPU...
  9. ghantaukay

    Are External hard disks reliable?

    Are external hard disks reliable? I have a Seagate 500 GB external USB hard drive. One day it just stopped working. Maybe it had suffered a few knocks on my daily commute I reckoned. Then I bought a 320 GB WD external hard disk a year ago. This one stayed at home. I just used it for backup of my...
  10. ghantaukay

    saved and secured with WPA/WPA2

    I am having problems connecting my Micromax A116 HD phone to my wifi. My HTC Wildfire had no issues connecting to the wifi but when I try with the Micromax phone I get this message which says : saved and secured with WPA/WPA2 and there is not connection at all. I am able to connect all my other...
  11. ghantaukay

    Apps and more apps

    I have an iPad 2 16 GB wifi. I have recently purchased a Seagate wirelessPlus wifi hard disk 1TB. I have uploaded my movies and songs to my seagate drive and access my media files from the seagate drive via wifi. Its great !. But I just have one problem. How can I transfer my apps to my external...
  12. ghantaukay

    Windows 7 Home Premium installation ID problems

    Hi. I use genuine Win 7 Home Premium OS. Recently I bought a OCZ ssd and on the advice of this forum I did a clean re install of windows . Everything is fine except that my windows 7 has to be reactivated within 3 days. I tried using the phone in option and was told to type in the installation...
  13. ghantaukay

    Reduce the size of Primary C: Drive

    I want to instal an ssd into my pc and want to reduce the size of my c: drive before I do that.I have allotted 120 GB for C Drive on my hard disk but that keeps filling up. Right now its a little over 100 GB and I want to downsize that to about half so that I will have sufficient space in my ssd...
  14. ghantaukay

    How to decrease the size of C: Drive

    Guys. I have just bought an ssd drive 120 GB. Now i have to transfer my c drive (hard disk) to my ssd but the size of my c drive presently is a little over 100 GB...this keeps on bloating and I have to manually delete files from this drive to free space. Can you tell me how I can shrink the size...
  15. ghantaukay

    Is my pc infected?

    I have Kaspersky antivirus (fully updated) on my pc with Windows Firewall.Of late I find that my google searchbox has vanished and I did a hijack this scan and am not able to diagnose the problem. Can anyone help me with this problem? I just want to know if my pc is infected and if so how should...
  16. ghantaukay

    ipad 2 update to iOS6pros or cons?

    I have just recently purchased an iPad 2 (16 GB) wifi model. I see an update in the settings mode which says that I should update to iOS6 for better performance. However since its a wifi model and I dont have highspeed 3G connection I am wary of downloading an update that is almost 1 GB .Are...
  17. ghantaukay

    kaspersky over reacting

    I had been using Norton antivirus for several years. Now I have switched to Kaspersky.I now am plagued by BSODs and my browsing history gets deleted everytime I restart. Why is this? Can anyone tell me how I can stop this delete history action that comes up everytime I start my pc? I dont want...
  18. ghantaukay

    antivirus updating on multiple computers

    I have three computers on which I have installed Norton Anti virus (three user license) Do I have to manually go to all three computers to update the antivirus or is there a way to get round this problem? Sometime I barely use my home computer (on vacations when I go out) and when I come back...
  19. ghantaukay

    Why Reliance 3G netconnect is not listed in Ubuntu 9.04?

    I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my netbook but there is no sound....neither can I connect my Reliance #G dongle to access the internet as it is not in the list. I am a linux newbie and I dont understand all those geeky languages you encounter in help forums. Can someone help me out here?
  20. ghantaukay

    Tablet ya mobile?

    I am planning to gift a mobile to my gf who is heavily into music.She likes the Sony Experia series but is also mulling over a nice tab.My budget is around 15 K.The gadget should be able to record music too as she is a prof singer and the sound should be loud and clear.Suggestions please.
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