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  1. nikhil ramteke

    java problem..

    hi frnz... i hav two html pages.. a.html and b.html there is a interface of servlet between this two pages if username and password entered in a.html is valid then jumps on b.html.. now i hav a hidden field in my b.html.. i want to set the username in hidden variable of b.html from a.html.. what...
  2. nikhil ramteke

    pen drive problem..

    hi frnz... i have a pen drive of 1 GB of Transacand.. there is some virus which is kepping it to "write protected" mode... i tried for all the format option like dos format,from disk management, n using the disc of transcand,no option is working..there is no option of unprotect in this...
  3. nikhil ramteke


    whenever i click on my c:,d:,e:,f: then it says copy.exe is missing......... then i formatted my c: ........ still it is happening with all remening drives except c: ......... is there any such file releted to drives and independent of with the info in c: ????? i cant format all my dives.. isnt...
  4. nikhil ramteke

    sign out????

    its releted to our forum...after log in within few minutes i get sign out there any cookie set for security purpose by the digiters?
  5. nikhil ramteke

    how to open orkut when there's a CISCO firewall?

    hello frnz, my college has blocked orkut, they r using CISCO firewall, so when i open orkut using some proxies it block each of them...plz help..
  6. nikhil ramteke

    simple c++ program

    watch the following code:- #include<conio.h> #include<iostream.h> int main() { int c=0,a=0,b=0; clrscr(); cout<<"c="<<c++<<"\n"; cout<<"c="<<c<<"\n"; b=a++ +c++ +c++; cout<<"a="<<a<<"\n"; cout<<"b="<<b <<"\n"; cout<<"c="<<c; getch(); return 0; } o/p:- c=0 c=1 a=1 b=2 c=3 plz tell...
  7. nikhil ramteke

    Exception in thread main...

    i hav installed jdk1.5.0 the program is compiled...but at the time of its execuation it gievs the following error.. Exception in thread main.No Class Found error how i can remove this?n whats hapenning actually?
  8. nikhil ramteke

    unmovable files

    some unmvable files r there in my c: ,neither format nor disc defragmentation could remove those files,how to remove it?
  9. nikhil ramteke

    what is java ring?

    what is java ring? can u provide the links to get the full information?
  10. nikhil ramteke

    How to convert mp3 to mp4 using winamp?

    Can someone tell me how to convert mp3 to mp4 using winamp?
  11. nikhil ramteke

    poject problem...

    can we make the installation programme of any small project created? actually the project it requires the oracle also to b installed along with my fornt end,so i wishes to create the bootable cd which can install both of this and can run my project successfully....plz suggest me the way.....
  12. nikhil ramteke

    all hackers,,attention plz!!!!!

    plz help is the problem,if i hav forgot d administrator password,then how can i break that???....thanx in advance...:confused:
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