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    A sound problem!

    Well, there is no separate indiacator for power. this is the first time i am having problem with speakers. Do you think there is any scope for repairing the speakers( any past experiences )? There is just one location given by in the link you wrote. That too is a distributor. Do u think he'll be...
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    A sound problem!

    Hi guys I've got a big problem. My Altec ATP3 died on me today mysteriously. Everything was sounding like normal and rocking till yesterday, and today when I turned on the Volume knob, the light indicating power ( on the 'right' speaker) simply didn't come. No sound, nothing man.Trust me, I am...
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    K790 - EDGE Cyber-shotâ„¢ phone with 3.2 Megapixel camera

    Mega Bass... yes, 3.5mm jack adaptor... no However I am sure by the time the new models ( w300, k800 etc) roll, the HPM70 earbuds will be available everywhere. These have a 3.5 mm jack adaptor and the sound clarity is to be heard to be believed.
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    Calling all k750i users

    I wasn't charged anything for the services but I would like to know if I can get my cell replaced or anything? Ofcourse this is not a question about technology but if someone knows what all actually comes under the word "warranty" ? Oh yes! , I haven't dropped/damaged my cell, it looks...
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    Calling all k750i users

    Firstly I'd like to apologise if I am posting this in the wrong section. Now, I purchased a k750i with bill last May ( & recommended it to everyone who was about to purchase a new cell). Till December, everything was fine. But, now the lens cover which slides open has developed a problem...
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    memory stick duo in card reader???

    well, I guess there'll be two very big slots( for X Flash, Smart Media etc.). Ofcourse, Duo won't go into that. Out of the two left one is for the Noia MMC Card or MS card. The other is for Duo. The key point is that you have to insert the duo with the reverse inside i.e. if the card reader is...
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    Sony Ericsson Unveils the M600

    yeah, it looks cool but for the first time I feel that Sony Ericsson has taken inpiration from Nokia models. The keypad sucks bad time.
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    SE W800 headphone Headache

    rasper, bad luck. I agree that w800 loses much of its edge over other phones without them. Now, Sony India doesn't officially sell these headphones separately. But, in the grey market or maybe u can try online shops like it will cost you close to Rs. 1500. I hope someone...
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    The Matrix: PON

    Well I suggest you do this. Download 3D mark software and test your PC against it. It is a gaming intensive benchmark for PCs. If it is working fine, then there might be a hardware conflict for the game or the game needs reinstallation ( corrupt files tc.) If 3D mark test also makes ur PC...
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    best game in 2005

    Resident Evil 4 for PS 2. NFS MW for PC.
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    OMG PS 3 Games are UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    No way these can be scenes from actual gameplay. They have been taken from the stupid in between gameplay videos which everyone tries to get rid of. So, no big deal. I agree with allwyndlima, that is Sony knows how to create hype bloody well. I well remember the PS2 footages displayed by Sony...
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    The top 3 PS2 games ever?

    Well, I see people down here don't play Tekken. d00by, if you don't want to use ur grey cells, then I recommend Tekken 5. Burnout 3 Revenge is the best car racing game for PS2 period. Resident Evil 4, Onimusha, GTA San Andreas, Metal Gear Solid, God of War are some of the best titles for...
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    Resident Evil 4

    Resident Evil 4 will have you glued to your PS2 for weeks. It's a HUUUGGGGEEE .... game. Though it starts getting boring when you die pressing the wrong button combinations as shown in the screen. But overall, the gameplay is really smooth and if you happen to have a home theatre, things just...
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    i have nokia 6021 + GPRS which AV should i use ?

    "av" as in antivirus?? for 6021?? I don't think there exists an antivirus for a Symbian series 40 mobile phone.
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    Mobile of the year 2005

    Well, until September I thought my k750i would bag the award. But w800 and w550 simply stole the show. Personally I feel w550 which has a 256 MB + 32 MB onboard memory is sufficient enough to carry a small music collection and to my knowledge the only model to boast of 2 external speakers. The...
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    s700i memory stick limitation?

    The maximum memory of s700i is also 128 MB. That's one of the major disadvantage of this model. The price for original 128 MB Sony Memory Stick is Rs.900 at the SonyWorld, Delhi.
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    SE k750i does this one too repeat the HISTORY.

    I have been using k750i since May. No joystick problems ( Hey, but I don't play too many games which involve joystick use ). The problems which I face hangup of cell once a week ( but I have heard upgrading to the latest firmware resolves this issue ), the speaker volume is not adequate, the...
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    Can I find a X-Box 360 in India???

    QwertyManiac, I haven't myself looked inside the hood of XBOX 360, but have been convinced of one thing that the only two games ( pirated copies) available for XBOX 360 in India ( well I couldn't find any other pirated game title myself) : "Quake 4" and "Call of Duty 2" work perfectly on the...
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    Is PS2 a good decision?

    I'll say you head to Palika Bazaar. You'll find PS 2 running on almost all TV sets there. The price mentioned in my earlier posts are just a week old. Gaffar Market is a destination for those who are very experienced in the art of bargaining and really know how to talk smart. But if you wish...
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    Nokia N91

    drgrudge, the manufacturing plant of Nokia in Chennai will not be rolling out N series of Nokia mobiles even after being fully functional. It will cater to the lower middle range handsets. Same goes for the Motorola plant which is also underway.
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