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    Hotels near Cisco Bangalore

    Hi, I need to visit Cisco, Bangalore for 2 days next week. Can you guys from Bangalore suggest good hotels to stay? Also, any good places to hang-out... Thanks in advance.
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    Enable 2 graphic cards

    Hi, I have Asus K8V-MX mobo, with onboard 64 MB VGA, and a nVidia Geforce FX 5200 256MB AGP card. Currently, only AGP is working. Is there any way to enable onboard VGA alongwith the AGP card, so that I can connect 2 monitors?
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    incomplete torrent

    Hi Guys... I downloaded a rar file using a torrent. However, as soon as the last 256 KB are left, the health becomes 00%. The total file size is 654 MB and only due to the last remaining 256 KB, the file is not opening. Is there any way to convert the .bt! file to rar file? Manual renaming...
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    Outlook Express

    I recently had a lot of w32.Xorala and w.32.Parite viruese on my win98 installation. I cleaned all files using Mcafee and NOD32 anti virus. But after that, outlook express is taking 5 minutes (no kidding) to launch. I removed the Outlook Express folder and re-installed IE 6, but still issue...
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    Laptop on Laps

    Hi all... I have read on net as well as digit, that having laptops on laps for long time is harmful for teens. Can anyone tell, how can we use laptops in a safe manner, for how long time, and do they really harm alot.... Googling on this topic returned same report on most of the...
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    In many MP3 files, the name has 'OST -' in it. e.g. OST - Bailamos, Escape - OST version. What does this OST mean? Is it 'Original Sound Track'?
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    Debugging linux

    Hi dudes... I m preparing 4 RHCE and I wanna know if there are any resources available for the debugging exam. Googling did not help me. Can I find sample problems for linux RHEL? Sample tests will also be helpful.
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    Locked hard disk

    Guys, help me.... I have a seagate 20GB HDD borrowed from a friend 4 some days. Since yesterday, my PC asks HDD password and gives 5 tries during POST. I cant skip this process since it is on bios screen. I never heard of locking HDd like this. If i give wrong password, it says, SYSTEM LOCKED...
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    Playing around with MBR

    Hi all.... Have u ever played with MBR? Once I installed Red Hat Enterprise on my system where NTLDR was on MBR. GRUB replaced it with itself so I decided to manually restore NTLDR w/o/ XP's recovery CD. I launched Red Hat, logged in as root and mounted C drive on /c. In terminal, I typed...
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    I fried my hard disk... Wanna Taste?

    On a sunny day, I took my 8 months old HDD (80 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.7) w/me to a frend to give him some movies from ma disk. (This is my weekly activity.... :wink: ) After connecting it, we booted the damn system. Everything was fine for 5 minutes, after that, we smelled something burning...
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