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  1. xSF

    Increase resolution of screen.

    There you go 3840x2400 xD Phew, took forever to upload, such big image....
  2. xSF

    What do you hate most about your laptop or desktop?

    I hate my laptop not having a kensington lock slot :/ I have to always keep my eyes on it.
  3. xSF

    gta sa lag

    I used to play GTA:SA when I had 2gb ram, core2duo@2.83gHz, 128mb integrated GPU. It used to lag for me too at anything more than low, sometimes even on lowest, slightly. Get a discrete gfx card, they are dirt cheap these days.
  4. xSF

    Fix laptop overheating problems with a little DIY spirit!

    Those are perfectly normal temps, You won't have to worry till they reach 90s. - - - Updated - - - The 4th gen i7 m has a safe temp of 108 degrees, if my memory is correct.
  5. xSF

    Vodafone 3G showing you are surfing from UK

    You could use an Indian proxy if you are so desperate. But using an Indian proxy means you'll get shitty bandwidth, real shitty.
  6. xSF

    Vodafone 3G showing you are surfing from UK

    Vodafone 3G uses a proxy server which is based in UK/US. So your location will be shown so.
  7. xSF

    All folders appear as shortcut in USB!!!!!Help!!

    Lemme get this straight, You created a software to remove the malware? o.O
  8. xSF

    Windows on Mac

    You're welcome, hope you enjoy your OS X experience.
  9. xSF

    Wow, Chrome is disgusting!

    Yea, I had to figure that out when I used Windows on a virtual machine on a MacbookPro retina display, when I used custom DPI scaling.
  10. xSF

    Need suggestion for laptop for a friend.

    You could check out the Lenovo Essential G505s. It has a discrete graphics card(2gB), 8gB RAM, 1TB HDD, and a APU Quad Core A8. Lenovo Essential G505s (59-379862) Laptop (APU Quad Core A8/ 8GB/ 1TB/ DOS/ 2.5GB Graph) Rs.38450 Price in India - Buy Lenovo Essential G505s (59-379862) Laptop (APU...
  11. xSF

    Need help in kicking users from wifi network

    In your case, since Netcut doesn't work, other software based on ARP vulnerabilities also won't work. You could try hacking the router's password (there are a few tools in Back|Track), and then setting up a MAC filter like Rishi said.
  12. xSF

    Need help in kicking users from wifi network

    Software like those work on vulnerabilities in the router's firmware, which sometimes get patched on a firmware update. You could try the latest version of Netcut. Otherwise it could just be that the user you are trying to block also has the same software installed. You know it includes a...
  13. xSF

    Gaming Softwares!!!!

    Re: Essential Softwares For a PC!!!! You won't need daemon tools, if you don't use torrents.
  14. xSF

    Dota 2

    Keep them, and sell them after a few years, you could get damn rich, if the indian Dota2 scene builds up.
  15. xSF

    Wow, Chrome is disgusting!

    The reason is because, @OP is using windows DPI scaling. Chrome does not respond well to windows DPI scaling. Either turn it off, or change the HiDPI scaling options in about:flags
  16. xSF

    Wow, Chrome is disgusting!

    Just type about:flags in chrome adress bar, and then disable/enable HiDPI support..
  17. xSF

    Windows on Mac

    I just recently bought a MacbookPro15, and at first I was like you and I wanted to get windows up and running on it as soon as I could. As I did not have an 8gB pen drive with me at that time, I had to wait for a few days, and guess what? I was using Mac OSX and absolutely fell in love with it...
  18. xSF

    Game Development after +2?

    Oh, so I'll just get a B.Tech first from a college here, and then for specialisations do the course here or go abroad for a good game development course after that. Thanks guys.
  19. xSF

    Game Development after +2?

    Hi, I am currently studying in 12th std (classes starting next month). I am confused as what to pursue after 12th. I am interested in game development, and have already made a few decent games using Unity3d. I am more interested in the programming side than the design. I still have not been able...
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