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  1. rajivrocks

    Help finding me the Pulsar "I am the Man" Advertisement original track

    What is Bajaj Pulsar Pulsar "I am the Man" Advertisement original song? From few days i was searching for the original sound track of bajaj pulsar 220 advertisement i liked the track very much after rigorous search i was still not able to find the original track expect its lyrics "I'm the...
  2. rajivrocks

    The louse and the mosquito

    The Crocodile and the Monkey The Louse and the Mosquito The Mouse and the Snake The Rat and the Ox The Eagle and the Beetle The Hare and the Tortoise The Cat and the Cock The Goat and the Ram The Frog and the Nightingale The Elephant and the Tragopan The above fables in poetry are written by...
  3. rajivrocks

    Topless swimmers make waves

    Topless swimmers make waves Stockholm (Sweden): A group of Swedish women is making waves by taking their tops off at public swimming pools in a protest against what they call gender-biased rules on swim wear. About 40 women have joined the network and staged topless protests in at least three...
  4. rajivrocks

    Rokr E6 , SEk790i or Nokia 5700 which one to buy

    I'm plannin to buy a new cell nd m quite impressed wth Moto Rokr...but m confused wth SE w850/830 nd Moto Rokr i want a fast music phone wth a decent camera help me frnds.. nd whts the current price of SE w850/830?
  5. rajivrocks

    SHOCKING - Is it Taj Mahal or Tej O Mahalya ?
  6. rajivrocks

    Your Wallpaper

    sorry for the late reply actually i was busy with my examz.. see kunal its true that modifying your Desktop might increase the RAM usage, but its not true that it puts lots of load in RAM.. I was using these three Softwares with my 256MB RAM and my P.C. was working fine but i upgrated my...
  7. rajivrocks

    is my move correct?

    same here buddy, even i use a HP branded PC:)
  8. rajivrocks

    is my move correct?

    why you wanna waste your money(considering you using a legal one) on Norton/McAfee(craps/bloatwares) when you can get AVG for free... i'm using AVG and i'm satisfied moreover i feel secure with AVG and Zonealarm firewall, both are free and a must to stay secure on the net...
  9. rajivrocks

    Help-Pendrive not working properly!!

    couldnt get you what is a USB card?? are you talking about USB ports??
  10. rajivrocks

    Help-Pendrive not working properly!!

    its running fine on my frnds pc, i tried it on almost 4-5 frnds pc its runnin SAFE nd good.. the problem lies in my pc so please help reagarding that, thanx anywayz:)
  11. rajivrocks

    Help-Pendrive not working properly!!

    thnx for ur reply:) i tried it for sure but stil the problem continues:(...
  12. rajivrocks

    Help-Pendrive not working properly!!

    hi frnds, i bought a Moserbaer pendrive 2GB model name:AZ601, last month, i have been using it but i'm experiencing a problem: whenever i remove it from Safely remove hardware wizard nothing happens, i mean no message is shown and if i remove it and again plugin i get the following error msg...
  13. rajivrocks

    Cool New Google search

    Well i cant describe this cool new feature introduced by google:). When you start typing in the search bar the recommended list just come as a drop down menu... Please see the image to get a clear view... PS: Actually i noticed that it works only on Firefox(in my pc). Bcoz when i tried it...
  14. rajivrocks

    Forget the cell phone, here comes the DELL phone!

    :Applause: really!!! u presented a fact.... jo hai naam wala wo hi to badnaam hai:D:D:D
  15. rajivrocks

    Britney Spears, shaved bald..

  16. rajivrocks

    --=/*Youtube Videos*\=--

    :)Urvashi Urvashi-Take it Easy Man:) What happens when a man named "Urvashi" is pushed around by his two crazy room mates? Well, here's the answer--this is a damn fresh new comedic video--enjoy and laugh out loud. DON'T MISS IT....
  17. rajivrocks

    Forget the cell phone, here comes the DELL phone!

    R u unaware of the fact that monarchy is not allowed in India:)... jokes apart... stop being so biased..try Sony ericsson and Motorola, eXpand ur horizon nd then talk about the Best(not king)
  18. rajivrocks

    Saif Ali Khan suffers a heart attack

    @Sourabh @tarey_g @thunderbird.117 well i was in a bit hurry:) nd just read a few websites while browsing..later i found out tht he suffered frm a chest pain NOT heart attack.. WAIT you cant just blame me for all this, google is equally responsible:D.. chk out the screenshot nd if you still...
  19. rajivrocks

    Your Wallpaper

    :-):-)Click on the image to see a larger resolution!!!!:-):-) :-) i luv my simple desktop:-)...
  20. rajivrocks

    Saif Ali Khan suffers a heart attack

    Monday, February 19, 2007 (Mumbai): Actor Saif Ali Khan's condition is stable now but he continues to remain in the ICU in Mumbai's Leelavati hospital. The actor was taken to the hospital on...
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