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    Android Phone with TV Output

    Hi, I am looking for a Android phone which has TV out feature (not wireless and not HDMI). In my current iPhone 3GS, I can simply plug a cable it and the TV and see movies directly. Any suggestions ? Thanks!
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    Cordless Phone Suggestion

    I have one landline connection. I want to add a cordless phone in my house, in such a way - that, if I receive call on either corded or cordless, I should be able to transfer it among each other. (Being able to conference would be great but not important) - that either can be used to...
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    Any Free Medical Retail shop software

    Any suggestions for free software for Medical Retail shop for billing and inventory ? Thanks in advance!
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    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 vs Motorola FIRE XT

    Hi, I am looking for a Android phone. Till now I have shortlisted Motorola FIRE XT, and Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Mobile Phone vs Motorola FIRE XT Mobile Phone: Compare Mobiles: Any recommendations ? Or other phone in similar price range ~10-11K
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    Laptop Memory

    Want to buy HP 1GB 333MHz DDR RAM memory module. Attaching pic Let me know any shop in Bangalore where it can be available. Any contact info will help. I could find it on ebay, but seller is not in India HP 1GB 200-Pin PC2700 333Mhz SODIMM DDR RAM | eBay
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    Build Installer for .NET App

    Hi, What is the best way to build a Installer/setup for a 2010 application. What I want is that it should be able to automatically include .NET runtime framework, Crystal report runtimes, service packs (if required) for a target Windows machine. Preferably Freeware. Thanks
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    HP Laptop Battery

    Hi, I am looking for the following HP Laptop battery (11.1V, 4400mAH). 371785-001 But not able to locate it any where in Bangalore. Any pointers ? I checked with few HP retailers and they don't have it.
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    Suggest Wireless Router

    I want to share my TataIndicom WiMax connection between laptops and my Nokia phone. Please suggest a good and easy to configure router, price around 2K. Thanks.
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    Phone between 15-20* K

    Guys I am planning to buy a new phone. The once on my list are HTC P3300 Nokia 5800 XpressMusic LG KP500 (Hope these are available in Bangalore) Is there any known problems with these or would you recommend any other phone. Thanks
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    Compress Vmware Image

    I have a Windows XP disk image. The image size if 50+GB and the actual disk usage in the image is 18GB only. Is there a easier way to compress the image. I tried to shrink the image using vmware tools, but it always complains of insufficient space in host OS (I have 10GB free). I tried using...
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    System Infected

    It seems my system has gone infected by some Malware Web browser automatically opens webpages of and On little search the problem might be similar to mentioned at After this infection I am...
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    Self clean guide for Nokia 6600

    Hi, I see dust particles under the screen and speaker in my Nokia 6600. Is there any guide on how open this cellphone and clean it up. I know any mobile vendor would do it but just want to do it on my own :)
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    How is Tata Indicom Wimax

    How is Tata Indicom Wimax Service in Bangalore. How is the download speed My main use will be VPN connectivity with my office network. (I searched, couldn't locate any similar thread)
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    Broadband Modems

    Hi, Is it a good option to buy the broadband modem provided by BSNL ? I mean later if I want to switch provider can I use the same modem or are these all are service provider specific ? Anybody tried using it before ?
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    QoS in Network Properties (WinXP)

    Hi. I don't seem to have "QoS Packet Scheduler" under Install>Services in Connection properties. Could you please tell me how do I install this service. I am using Win XP SP2. Reference ...
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    Any Sleek Model in range 10-12K

    Any Sleek Model in range 10-12K only in Nokia and Sony Ericsson
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    Winamp plugin for Yahoo Status

    I have tried the plugins available at to change the Yahoo Messenger status while listening songs. Earlier they were working. But after installing the latest version of yahoo messenger they dont work. Any other tool/plugin known to work with this version.
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    SQL Query Help

    I have a table "formdetails". Fields (Id, formid, ..., cb) Id+formid = primary key cb contains either 0,1 (text) Each Student (Id) can fill a form multiple times, so each student will have "formid" starting from 1, 2..and so on. (Number of forms per student varies). I need a list of "Id"...
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    Camera telescope

    Guys, Is this possible ??
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    Nokia 6600 Gallery Probs

    Whenever I try to preview any Image in my gallery (Nokia 6600), I get the following error Gallery: Feature not supported I had recently installed a few themes and DictaPhone. I dont think that they can be a Issue.
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