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  1. amanjagga

    Increase your pocket money by writing articles

    Hi guys,Just checkout Legpin is an online article writing site where users can post their articles,rate other articles and also get a good amount of cash for writing the articles.One user can also donate karma points to another which is then convertted into cash. for registering...
  2. amanjagga

    urgent help needed!

    Hi guys:cool: I have 1 template that is without xml file and i want to make this template compatible with CMS( zoomla):confused: If any one can help me in this matter PLz! guys plz! guys help me!:)
  3. amanjagga

    Study! Study! Study!

    Hi ! i am starting this thread to know ur opinion about studies What r ur views abt study? What do u think what we get after studying? Do u think that only by studies people can be successful in their aims? How will u define today's studies? Is it related to real life? What abt...
  4. amanjagga

    help needed

    Guys as usual i need ur help I have 1 prob in my PC. The prob is that i cant copy and paste anything anywhere in my pc. When ever i tries to copy something and then pasting a same text appeared always "hello!". so i want ur help plz! help me.
  5. amanjagga

    Important information

    HI guys! I am making this thread to help all the chatterboxes on the net. So guys u have to help me in this. Plz!Post all ur shortcuts that u r using while chatting with ur friends with their detail description eg:- y? - why?- international omg - oh my God - National...
  6. amanjagga

    Virus!Is this a type of virus

    Hi! Guys i need your help I am using BSNl Broadband home plan 500 and it is satisfied for me.My charges never go beyond 900. This time also it is going as usual till 18th.But suddenly a stange thing begins to happen. The things which are taking only 30-40 Mb usage now starts taking more than...
  7. amanjagga

    Web Master's Thread

    Hi guys !!!!!!!!!:) I need you help. I have Gb's of data to upload :???: I want to ask is there any software avail that can increase the uploading speed? or any FTP that can help me in this prob? or any other trick or experience? Please help me guys as when i am thinking about Gb's of...
  8. amanjagga

    Techie's help needed

    Hi Guys! I need you help.I have my cousin and he uses my PC:mad: .But i do not want that he should use my pc.:cool: If i mada a login password i have to tell the password due to our relations.:twisted: So i need you help I need any method which can stop him from using my PC provided he should...
  9. amanjagga

    Is this Fake?

    Hi! Check Is this a fake site As original site of Reliance Money is
  10. amanjagga

    Your help needed

    I am going to make one website of Free stuff and forum.:( I have copied one website also:p and have to do some changes in that.And for forum I have still to install some good software.And i have decided that i will sure reward to my forum users and visitors of the site.:evil: But no time for...
  11. amanjagga

    Urgent Help Needed

    Hi! guys I want to ask that are there any more good Forums like this. If yes then please do reply here Thanks in advance and sorry for wrong Title
  12. amanjagga

    Cheapest than you ever heard

    Hello to everyone:p I have started this thread to bring a custom change in hosting websites.:evil: Yes, i am talking about website hosting. Now everyone will have their own Personal website. I am giving the Hosting at very cheap price.:o...
  13. amanjagga

    Help please

    Hey guys! i need your help.I want to buy good mobile numbers as my city is very small.I am not getting any good numbers can you help me? do not post personal numbers.
  14. amanjagga

    SELLING W550i

    I have sony ericcson W550i for sale.Interested buyers just PM me with your queries and details or write you can also call me on:-09417511355
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