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  1. wraj

    Let's build a 2.0 Semi Hi-End Audio setup around 15 K

    Hi Mates, I'd like to know the Digitian's take over best available Semi Hi-End Acoustic solution around 15K. My Take is 2.0 Setup : Audio Engine A2 --> ~10K X Fi Xtreme Audio --> ~3.5K I personally don't like 2.1 configuration as an audiophile, and my interest is limited to Music...
  2. wraj

    Calling All Linux Enthusiasts

    hi everybody, first thing first,Id like to admit that I posted it in the wrong section of this forum (Q&A)and havent got a single response, so it can be considered as a repost (sorry moderators !!!) ____________________________________________________________________________ "I have built a...
  3. wraj

    cramming many VCD's into One DVD (no DivX)

    Hello everybody, I googled it but couldnt locate any newbie approach tutorials to fit many VCDs into one single DVD (4.7 GB)...I know that I can do it with the DivX conversion,but i wanna play it on my lill old standalone DVD player...I also tried many converters but the file size would really...
  4. wraj

    will too much of disk partitions affect hard-drives???

    hi everybody, am usin a lappy with the drive capacity of 160 GB...And my collections ranges from muic to documents to movies to documents to multiple OS...So,ive got myself more than 9 partitions (pretty insane I know !!!)...and one of my friend opined me to NOT to have so much of partitions...
  5. wraj

    what font are them???

    hi mates, i am a amateur graphic designer and looking for this kind of font since long...for eg. take a look at " mangal pandey" poster and ull get idea what am trying to say...similar fonts have also been used in those legendary and mythological creations...i googled but to no avail..pls help...
  6. wraj

    Of hard disk swappoing

    hi mates, Is it possible to load the operating system(preferably XP) on one machine and take out the hard disk and connect it on the another and have it up and running without any problem???Actually we are doing lots n lots of hard disk swapping at our hostel….It works flawlessly when slaved or...
  7. wraj

    Partitioning while OS is installed...Howto???

    Hi everybody, My friend just bought a new TABLET PC,but as the branded unit doesn’t provides you with the partioned disk,he’s finding it hard to manage his files…Pls help me to help him for creating partition on that virgin disk…I don’t wanna format and reinstall the OS, Is partition...
  8. wraj

    digit goofing up in mp3 players test

    hi frnds, donno how many of us will be complaining or whether digit will be putting any note on this but, ive, to the some extent lost the credibility in the current are the false specifications which i noted in the OCTOBER issue; 1. iriver T30 model sports FM capabilities and...
  9. wraj

    Looking for a music CD

    Hi Everybody, I'm an avid fan of House Music and looking for a Trance Compilation Album (THIS IS TRANCE : THE FIRST TRIP , SONY MUSIC) released way back in the year of 1999.As CDs weren't much prevelent those days,myself has got it over the cassette which is almost corrupt now.Till date Seven...
  10. wraj

    Which CD writer is the best available in the market ???

    im pondering to buy a cd writer (not combo) for occasional bakups...can anyone pls suggest me the best brand available n afforable too...wat say bout ASUS??? thanks in advance aamit wraj [Edited Batty]
  11. wraj

    what font are they???

    hi buddies!!! can anybody pls gimme a link to download this font...its a kind which is used to depict speed...oftenly used in speed petroleum ad...or just help me to identify that font thanks in advance
  12. wraj

    dont u think 128 kbps mp3 is passe ???

    hi everybody, dont you guys think that 128 kbps is the matter of past...we must get to higher bit rates if hard disk transfer shouldnt be the lame excuse too coz of the gradual increase in internet really sucks !!!
  13. wraj

    downloading whole images of a website

    hi buddies !!! i wanna download all the pics(wallpaper section) of these cool sites namely n ,but the problem is opening the image one by one n saving it...I also tried image grabbers like one click pic grabber etc. ,but to no avail...also tried website...
  14. wraj

    r u all comfortable with this new installation trend ???

    Am damn sick of ittttt #$%^*&** was internet explorer first,then came the Kazaa followed by Yahoo Messenger...all this software has one thing in common..they have discontinued Standalone installation adding much to the user's woes...others r also following the suit...donno what microsoft...
  15. wraj

    how effective are these institutes ???

    hi buddies n seniors !!! right now am doin my plus 2 frm DELHI n interested in making my career in hardwares...I've heard of IIHT & JETKING imparting an year course related to hardwares n networking...All i really wanna know is dat how effective r these courses n is their claim of 100% job...
  16. wraj

    sfc like utility for WIN2K Pro

    hi geeks!!! can anyone please suggest me the SFC like utility for WIN2K Pro. Thanks in advance
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