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  1. anarchy0x

    How to increase Recorded volume

    I screen-recorded a zoom call but at the time of recording, my pc volume was only 25%, now even after replaying that video at 200% volume on vlc, it's not clear ..Any suggestions to increase/amplify the volume more?
  2. anarchy0x

    Can't install kali linux on Windows 10

    Getting Error: failed to copy d:\ to c:\win32-loader/linux when trying to install kali linux from WIndows 10, my laptop is amd ryzen 5 3550h. Thanks
  3. anarchy0x

    Buying a Wireless keyboard / keyboard mouse combo

    Need it for general usage, though i use it a little differently from the average joe.. Love using lots of shortcuts etc I've a mouse but I'm guessing I won't get a wireless keyboard alone If I've to buy a keyboard mouse combo, it should be under Rs 2000 But if there's any special features for...
  4. anarchy0x

    i ROG updating + keyboard turning pc off

    PCs is not starting, am getting this error: i ROG is not shut down or reset...this keeps on going forever Here's one strange thing, when I connect or remove my wired keyboard (USB) from CPU after starting the pc, it gets turned off automatically Much Thanks in advance CPU Intel i5...
  5. anarchy0x

    Best Broadband/Fiber Internet provider in Mumbai

    I live in Mumbai, my cable operator offers 5 Mbps only at rs 500, which I don't think is a very nice package. They say it does go to 10 Mbps but I guess after a limit, it will come to 5 Mbps. (I know the guy & his package seems to be cheap to lure people but speed is low) Any suggestions for a...
  6. anarchy0x

    ASUS_Z00TD battery problems

    The battery is inflated & drains out quickly, mobile needs charging every 1-3 hrs or so. Thanks in advance
  7. anarchy0x

    Error using TV box 4k ultra hd on my TV...

    Error using TV box 4k ultra hd on my TV TCL led 32D20-BL I'm trying to setup the TV box to watch amazon prime (besides many other things).. But I don't see amazon prime in playstore..seems to be some kind of updating/compatiability issue..When I go to the amazon prime website & try to get the...
  8. anarchy0x

    Getting wifi repeater/router to work

    I'm trying to get wifi in a room of mine where my router's wifi doesn't reach.. My router is dg-bg4300nu I'm using a wireless USB adapter TL-WN722N, my motherboard Maximus V Gene doesn't support wifi by itself I'm trying to use dwr 113 d link, which is a router, as a repeater, a family member...
  9. anarchy0x

    Now mobo as a replacement for Maximus V Gene RAM

    My current config is as follows: CPU Intel i5 3570k RAM: Gskill 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram Cabinet: Corsair 400r cabinet Graphics Card: ZOTAC Amp Extreme Core Edition, GEFORCE GTX 970 My motherboard Maximus V Gene RAM has gone bad & is out of warranty, my PC tech says it can't be fixed, I will try...
  10. anarchy0x

    Can't access whatsapp image folder..

    ..probably coz it has become really huge & has lots of images, when I try to open it via file manager on android & on pc, the window just hangs .. I can access it to a certaint extent using Settings>Storages> whatsapp images but it's too slow.. any way I can still access them? Mobile isLG Stylus 3
  11. anarchy0x

    checking warranty on logitech mouses for which I can't find bills

    I went to the website & tried putting the serial numbers but there was a tab there saying to put purchase date, which i don't remember & I've lost the bills Can I still track the purchase date etc & track the warranty from putting the serial number on the mouse? Thanks
  12. anarchy0x

    Logitech mk270r Keyboard and Mouse Set warranty issue

    Purchased it from amazon & it's still in warranty but can't find the mouse, someone from my family may have accidentally thrown it away as it wasn't working thinking it was an old one. logitech service center said they will replace both mouse & keyboard, but they will not give replacement if I...
  13. anarchy0x

    Mobile at around 20K or less..preference is rooting

    First of all, I know so many questions, but thanks a ton in advance!! Budget Rs 20K or below.. I'm considering these, Should have at least 6GB RAM..One of the primary uses would be to use for rooting..I understand that it maybe risky.. Other uses maybe programming, ethical hacking, stock...
  14. anarchy0x

    Buying wireless adapter for Kali Linux

    I Am learning ethical hacking & need to buy a wireless adaptor for Kali linux Am following this .. Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch | Udemy This is the part he mentions about a wireless adaptor.. Wireless Adapters – zSecurity Thinking of buying this one (supports both 2.5GHZ & 5GHZ)...
  15. anarchy0x

    [Query] How to get warranty for Logitech mk270 keyboard purchased via amazon?

    Do I just have to take a printout of invoice & go to authorized service center? Anything else? I Purchased mine on october 2016 & it has 3years limited warranty
  16. anarchy0x

    Buying from rentamojo much cheaper?

    If you go to Samsung Galaxy A7 (Black) on Rent in mumbai | & click on Rent vs EMi, you can buy Samsung Galaxy A7 by paying 4477 for 18 months which comes to total Rs 25020. They have listed the market price as Rs 31246 - 34746 but it's actually Rs 23,990 in amazon after a...
  17. anarchy0x

    formatting sd card as extension of internal memory ...& it's impact

    Would like to increase my internal memory that way..How 'safe' is it?
  18. anarchy0x

    Moving apps to SD card

    I know that you can't shift every app to SD, especially inbuilt ones but the option 'move to SD card' is greyed out even in case of some external apps for e.g Whatsapp, Uber etc Anyway I can still move them? Or any other way I can free more space in internal? Thanks
  19. anarchy0x

    LG Stylus 3 battery draining very fast & warranty

    Battery drains very fast, in like 4-5 hours at times even if I'm not talking on the mobile. It's a 320 mah battery as per gsm arena. Also, my warranty is expiring, should I continue it so that the battery issue can be solved? Is this most likely a battery issue or could be something else too...
  20. anarchy0x

    Please suggest good portable charger

    Budget around Rs 1200, using LG stylus 3 but may buy a new mobile in some time.. Should give around 16 hrs of charge Thanks in advance
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