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    Suggestion on upgrading Mom feature phone to Smartphone. Samsung V Motorola

    Hello folks Every-time I need some tech decision I have been helped by techies here before. Thanks for that. My moms old classic mobile went kaput. Need to upgrade her to use a friendly interface smartphone within a budget of 6-8K. I need to buy the phone ASAP and need your help...
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    First Phone for mom. Below 7k and 4.7Inch screen size

    Hey guys checked a few threads before posting here. Maybe this thread will help me buy the ideal First touch phone for mom with the below details 1. Budget? 7000 or less 2. Display type and size? 4.7inch is max , 4.3 would be ideal with 800x480 min resolution. 3. Dual sim? Not...
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    Logitech G430 vs Kingston HyperX Cloud !

    Need a quick Suggestion. Shortlisted the Logitech G430 and HyperX Cloud Headsets for FPS gaming and movies. Not much of online VoIP other than non gaming calls. Logitech seems to have good surround sound in my opinion. But the HyperX Cloud has better reviews online and Logitech is around...
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    Gaming/Movie Headset

    Planning to buy a headset that can be useful for FPS gaming and watching movies. Please suggest wireless and wired. Budget is around 3000rs max. Thank you
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    Want a College laptop within 40K-50K

    Thanks to guys helping me in the past with my selections , another friend of mind requires a laptop for college use Can you help me with whats available in the market as i'm not using laptop myself. 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) A. 40K-50K max. 2) What size & weight...
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    Discussing Pirated Games !

    Is it allowed to talk about sharing links for downloading cracks and games ? I do not want to break any rules of this forum. IF not here can someone redirect me to such community.
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    Laptop for a girl for college use !

    Looking to buy a laptop for my relative , she will use for work and study purpose. I have experience in building Custom Hardware Desktop PC but this will be my first laptop. Seeking your advice 1) What is your budget? Ans : 35-40K Rupees 2) What size & weight consideration (if any)...
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    Which Sapphire Graphics card to buy ?

    Hey guys , I want to add graphics card to my below config so I can play all the latest FPS at maxed out settings. Please recommend . I have shortlisted Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X OC version. Budget is 30K. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to...
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    Internet down after unistalling software

    Hey guys, been long time since i came here. Well I have a problem. Currrently, My Internet connection on pc is not working since yesterday after I uninstalled Hotspot shield software. I have connected through LAN cable which has been working for 6months now. since strde the light on the lan...
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    Buying new GPU for Gaming. Suggestions Please

    Hey guys , I want to add graphics card to my below config so I can play all the latest FPS at maxed out settings. Please recommend . I have shortlisted Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X OC version. Budget is 30K. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to...
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    How to access device with static IP address?

    At my work place my friend has a system with IP How can I access this system from my laptop connecting a lan cable. I probably have to change my IP to static, what about the default gateway and DNS server settings. Any advice would be helpful
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    Software to delete multiple copies of same File

    I have been downloading songs from torrents for months now and I have stacked up the same song files may be more than 5 times in some cases . Is there any software that can remove the multiple files . Also want to remove the numbers from all the file names at one go. Cheers guys
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    which is the usb port in the below picture?

    Which is the port below in the pic which is BLUE ? I thinks its slighty offset and hence i'm not able to plug in my usb 3 or any usb 2 cable. Or is this meant for something else. This is front side of HAF 912. PIC attached - - - Updated - - -
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    Maximum voltage to speakers

    I have speakers rated at 9V DC input. what is the maximum I can supply. I have 18V power adapter. Will it Damage my MOBO ?
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    No AUDIO OUT AND IN through headphones

    Whenever I used to plug in my DENON headsets with my PC a pop up used to come regarding device selection. It seems i have dsiabled settings after which I cannot hear any audio out nor my mic works for Skype calling. How can I reset audio settings or troubleshoot? Untill changing settings...
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    Multiplayer gaming query

    I bought a new PC recently in order to play all the latest games, But I have been kept waiting since I did not have enough money to buy a graphics card ( R9 290 TRI-X ) . In the mean time I would like to play games such as Counter Strike and FIFA. I dont have any original games yet, but i...
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    Wireless Headset for Gaming and movies.

    Helloo guyz, I need a Headset preferrably wireless for use with gaming and watching movies and TV. I sit at a distance of around 2-3Mtrs max. I doubt i'll get any wired headset with that long cord ? Not sure how much to spend but i feel 3k is more than enough. Please suggest multiple models...
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    How to connect old speakers to PC which dont have 3.5mm jack

    I need to do some creative experimenting if I can use my set of Samsung Speakers on PC ( not sure if working ). It has 2 inputs which are marked RED and BLACK like it used to be in my old DVD player speakers. Only possible connection is to connect Electrical wires. How Can I use this with my...
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    PSU stopped working in a week.

    Setup new PC a week back using ANTEC HCG 620 PSU and used it for a week. All of sudden yesterday PC didnt switch ON , on troubleshooting found PSU fan not turning. I had purchased it a week back. Will claim warranty ? Any other troubleshooting to check before I remove PSU ? Also I had felt...
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    Installed windows, Which Drivers to Install?

    Hello Guys. Built a pc for the first time. Although its running how can I make sure everything is running as normal? Also finished Installing windows 7 and LAN Drivers but there are many other drivers also that have come with MOBO. Can someone tell which are really imp to Install? I have...
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