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  1. bharat_r

    Sorting a multidimensional list in python

    Hello I have created a multidimensional list in python I used the following code: r =[(300, 4), (5, 6), (100, 2)] I tried sorting it in ascending order using r.sort() and I get [(5, 6), (100, 2), (300, 4)] I want it to get sorted based on each on the 2nd element instead of the...
  2. bharat_r

    Dell Studio XPS 13 vs Macbook 13

    Hello friends, I'll be leaving to US this month end to pursue my Masters degree. I want to buy a good laptop for me in US. I looked at laptops at a budget of 1000$ and shortlisted Dell XPS 13 & Macbook 13. Please help me select between the 2. Or if there is any other laptop having...
  3. bharat_r

    Getting data from a from and sending it though email

    I want to design a webpage which would get data from a form and send the collected data to my mail id. I used the following html codes to get the data: <html> <head><Title></Title></head> <form method="post" action="contact.php"> Email: <input name="email" type="text"><br> Message:<br>...
  4. bharat_r

    is it possible to upgrade Linux mint 5 to mint 6

    I have linux mint 5 installed along with Win XP & Win Vista. Is it possible to upgrade mint 5 to mint 6 without having to format my current mint 5 upgrading from xp to vista which leaves behind all settings of xp but just replaces xp with vista... :confused:
  5. bharat_r

    need info abt CCNA certification

    I'd like to know a few things about CCNA. Do I need to attend classes to write the exam? if yes, how long will be the course duration? Or can I take up the exams on my own? Which institute is good for CCNA in Chennai? thanking you <-
  6. bharat_r

    Help needed in making an object move along a curve in VB 6

    Hello I'm trying to make this in VB 6. I have a pic of a satellite and pic of the earth. I want to make the satellite move along the curvature of the earth. I tried changing the top & left properties of the image to make it move and tried using the do while loop to do this but am not sure...
  7. bharat_r

    Is my Pendrive dead?

    I have a 4 Gb pendrive.But am not able to copy files to it which are more than a few kb. It shows teh capacity as 2.98 MB instead for 4 Gb :confused: This is what it's properties show: I tried formatting it again & again under XP & Vista & also tried it under ubuntu..but it remains the...
  8. bharat_r

    Disabling privilages in Admin account?

    My friend is using windows xp and is logged in as admin and has no other accounts. He wants to disable access to external storage like pen drives, HDDs etc and disable installing new software/games. He doesn't want to create another account. This must be done in the Admin account itself...
  9. bharat_r

    copy & print protecting a pdf file

    How do I protect a pdf from it's contents being copied or printed. I don't want to use any passwords. It should be accessible to all but they must not be able to copy paste or print the text in it. I have Adobe Acrobat professional 8. Can it be done using this or any other software?
  10. bharat_r

    Emerald theme manager not working

    I have Linux Mint 5(Elyssa) installed. I installed Emerald through package manager and downloaded a few themes. But when I open emerald & double click on the themes, nothing happens. There is no change. How do I fix this ?
  11. bharat_r

    No sound in Linux Mint

    I'm not able to hear any sound in Linux mint. This problem dosent happen always. Sometimes when I re-boot the sound is there. But again the next boot the sound is absent. I have a creative sound blaster sound card. This is what my volume control shows. Should I change the devices?
  12. bharat_r

    VP7 codec for linux?

    I have a few avi files which are encoded in vp7 codec. I'm not able to play them on vlc or mplayer. From where can I get this codec for linux?:confused:
  13. bharat_r

    Why is Linux secure?

    "Linux is so secure. There is no virus/malware attack." Why is this so? Is it coz people dont care to write viruses for linux? Or is it impossible to write a virus for linux? Or does it got something to do with the unix like permissions(I dont know anything abt the file permissions of...
  14. bharat_r

    Problems Installing Beryl manager

    I installed Beryl from Package Manager in Linux Mint 4. But when I try to install Beryl-manager, it gives an error. I cant understand what it means & how to I solve it? This is the message:
  15. bharat_r

    Help Upgrading to Linux Mint 4(Ubuntu) from version 3

    I have Linux Mint 3-Cassandra installed. Linux mint is a Ubuntu based distro. I have Linux mint 4-Daryna CD with me. I want to upgrade to Daryna. When I boot from the CD , I cant find any option to upgrage. It looks like I have to delete previous installation & install this fresh. Pls tell me...
  16. bharat_r

    8085 Microprocessor kit emulator?

    I'm havin Microprocessor lab at college. Is there any software than can emulate that kit so that I can try out the programs at home itself? help!:)
  17. bharat_r

    Is there Ad block plugin for IE 7 ?

    Is there Ad block plugin for IE 7 like adblock plus for firefox? :confused:
  18. bharat_r

    Is there any scanner software for suse

    I'm having a HP PSC 1315 mfd. Is there a software for linux/suse10.3 with which I can use the scanner feature? i.e I want a software to scan documents & pics in linux.
  19. bharat_r

    Documents & settings too big???

    By documents & settings folder seems to occupy 4GB+ of disk space. Is this normal? (image taken using Ashampoo Win Optimizer 2008 )
  20. bharat_r

    can anyone debug this cpp prog pls

    I have my Object Oriented Programming lab exam tomorrow. Hence I'm trying out some programs. This program is to concatenate Strings using dynamic memory allocation. I don't get a compiler error but when I run it it doesn't give output. Please anyone find out the error & tell me asap before...
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