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  1. rohanmathew

    Giving Away OLD Digit Magazines

    Any one from kerala interested please PM.I have a large collection from 2003 to 2010.
  2. rohanmathew

    Blueray Laptop with Core i3 and Fingerprint reader

    Help to Find Blueray LAPTOP IN 60K I am looking for a laptop with following spec. 1.Blue ray Combo 2.Core i3/i5 3.Finger Print Scanner 4.HD LED Screen 5.500 GB HDD 6.4GB DDR3 1333MHZ RAM Please help me with this.My Budget is 60K.
  3. rohanmathew

    Need Advice for Laptop

    I need to buy a laptop and priority is it should have a 1.Blue ray Drive 2.Finger Print Scanner 3.Core I3 Processor 4.4GB DDR3 RAM I prefer acer,lenovo Thanks in advance
  4. rohanmathew

    Duplicate clone cd image(ccd) in bulk

    Any one know how to make duplicate clone cd image for bulk duplication.Gear pro not supported. Thanks in advance.
  5. rohanmathew

    Need a .reg file to modify media player

    I need a single .reg file which will change the registry to disable the skin.The manual method is given below.I dont know how to create a .reg file. To lock Windows Media Player's sking (disable changing skin) 1- Go to the following address: QUOTE...
  6. rohanmathew

    Audio CD Protection

    I need a tutorial for protecting audio cd's from copying it with nero.Pls help
  7. rohanmathew

    How to hyperlink subject line to a website in gmail.

    I need to hyperlink subject line of gmail to website.Pls help.
  8. rohanmathew

    How to link subject in gmail to website

    I need to give a link of website in subject line of gmail.Pls help me.
  9. rohanmathew

    Lock a dvd so that no one copy

    I need a method to lock dvd so no one can copy the data. Thanks in advance.
  10. rohanmathew

    Software for batch audio removal-Help

    Need a software that remove audio from a group of video clips. Thanks in advance
  11. rohanmathew

    VB6 Problem -help

    need a code to execute an application,for eg photoshop inside an mdi form. Pls help.Thanks in advance.
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