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  1. nCyCoD

    Suggestion for a USB Hub..

    I am looking to buy a USB Hub preferably with 7 port and AC powered or 4 port without AC powered.. Some time ago I bought a cheap one with 4 ports.But I could use only 2 out 4 ports at a time.:| I want all ports to work at a time.
  2. nCyCoD

    Should I buy SGS II?

    SGS II is available for 24k. with manufacturer warranty.Should I buy it or wait for maybe One S? I wanted to buy Xperia S but out of my budget.My max. budget is 25k. Here is my preferred spes: 4+" screen Dual Core Processor 8+ MP Camera. Thank you.
  3. nCyCoD

    Optimus 2x vs Xperia Arc S

    Hello guys, I want to buy a new mobile for around 20k. My requirements are good touch screen,good camera,and 4+ inch screen. On ebay, optimus 2x is available for 19k. Xperia arc for 22k. Arc s for 24k. Any suggestions please?
  4. nCyCoD

    Should I buy Optimus 2x??

    Hello guys, I previously owned Nokia 6500slide for 2 years,then Nokia X6 for a year,at present I have Nokia C6-00... But I want to buy an android phone within the budget 27k. I mainly use mobile for multimedia,photos and browsing... I narrowed my choices to LG Optimus 2x and HTC...
  5. nCyCoD

    Laptop with good graphic card under 60k

    Looking for laptops under 60k which are available in India.. Preferable configuration: i5/i7 processor 4GB DDR3 RAM 540 GB 7200rpm 15.6" screen Graphic card better than 540m.. Looked into Xps 15 and Hp dv6 6017tx but xps15 can only offer 540m and there is heating issue in hp... So...
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