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    Why in India AC tonnage requirement is 3 times that of a USA desert?

    While looking to buy a new AC I searched for many online tonnage calculators. Views: Indian salesmen: With ceiling at 9-10 feet, if you carpet area is 100sqft-->1 ton, 150sqft-->1.5 ton, 200 sqft-->2 ton. To be on safer side by the higher one. Indian tonnage calculator: It mainly...
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    how to create own chat room without a server

    Is there anybody who can solve my problem ? we are 30 odd students who want to discuss online without getting disturbed and all of us are scattered over India.Normal chat rooms do not give the security of privacy even if they do I am not aware of that. I have seen a button of create room in...
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    use of pirated software

    lets see how many of us have a true inner voice
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    max payne help can anybody help me?i am not able to edit the properties of max payne icon to developer mode. whenever i try to do so it says the path is not i am not able to enable any cheats in either max payne 1/2
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