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    Where can I buy some Isopropyl Alchohol?

    In Mumbai btw. I need it clean ink stains on jeans. :sad_NF: Oh also to try how long shaving cartridges last if kept in Isopropyl.
  2. Inceptionist

    HDD shows up in BIOS but not in Windows.

    I've got friend's PC for the purpose of checking what's wrong with it. So I cleaned it and ran Memtest on RAM first, no issues with that. Then I scanned the HDD (Seagate Barracuda 500 GB) for issues with UBCD. It gave me no errors. But the problem is that it is not detected by Windows. It...
  3. Inceptionist

    Question about GamersGift & Steam Wallet

    Hi, Steam sale starts on 26th and I was wondering how good is service of They offer Steam Wallet Cards on their website and and they say that the code is emailed within 30 minutes. Have anyone of you used this website for Steam Wallet before? How was your experience? I have...
  4. Inceptionist

    Conspiracy or Sabotage? Mysterious Deaths of Indian Nuclear Scientists

    Conspiracy or sabotage? :shock: India's Nuclear Scientists Keep Dying Mysteriously | VICE United States
  5. Inceptionist

    Thanks for messing up right click menu Mozilla

    Thanks for messing up right click menu Mozilla. You really don't know the phrase 'don't try fix what isn't broken'.
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    Frequent disconnection since change of switch

    Some days ago, switch in my area was changed by ISP. Since yesterday, my connections randomly stops working and I often have to restart my own router to connect to Internet again. Is there any issue with my router or with new switch installed by ISP. Or me rebooting my router is just a...
  7. Inceptionist

    Need PC under 20k.

    I'm looking for a PC for my cousin for school work. His father told me that the budget is maximum 20000 so what configuration would you guys suggest? I found this config from suggestion thread and I'd like to know if I can get some options which would help to bring down the total under 20k mark...
  8. Inceptionist

    Why digit wants to ruin our eyes?

    When the zoom is 150%, the images and videos look ugly and when zoom is 100% the text is too small.
  9. Inceptionist

    Diploma In Information Security Management

    I came across this course in security management which is being conducted by IDEMI which comes under MSME (Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) I wanted to do a course in network security but I was hesitating as there are many shady courses without any proper recognition. But as this...
  10. Inceptionist

    Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for PC vs Thrustmaster Dual Analog 4

    Which one is better? Also, the Microsoft controller is expensive compared to Thrustmaster. And I'm not a fan of PS controller layout. I found Xbox controller to be much more comfortable. Microsoft Wired Controller for Windows - Microsoft: Thrustmaster Dual Analog 4 Gamepad -...
  11. Inceptionist

    Wacom Bamboo One - Pen buttons are not working

    Pen of Bamboo One tablet in question is working when moving the cursor around. But as soon as I click a button, right click menu gets displayed. No matter which button I'm pressing, it shows only the right click menu. It has been working fine for almost 8 months, this is the first time I'm...
  12. Inceptionist

    Need help for student with multiple drops.

    That would be me, by the way. After 10th, I did MSBTE's diploma in computer engg. and it took me 5 years to finish 3 years of the diploma. After that I joined course in BMS as I had realized that even though I am a geek, this industry may not be for me as I don't have adequate academic...
  13. Inceptionist

    Call Centre Regulations

    Hi, My ISP is Honesty Net Solutions. (Honesty | Home) The problem is the pathetic 'customer care' service which is available from 10 AM till 7 PM. You can't lodge a complaint before or after that. :evil: Then I came across this National Consumer Helpline - 1800-11-4000 Jago Grahak...
  14. Inceptionist

    Suggest Wireless Router

    Hey guys, I need to buy router for my sister's Laptop and our phones. Right now I have to get away from my precious PC if she wants to use the Internet. I will flash a firmware, most probably. Budget is 2.5-2.7k and open to online purchase. Cheers! Edit: Came across this router...
  15. Inceptionist

    Is this best way to hide my files?

    I've created a partition (A:\) and I wanted to keep it hidden from other people who will use my PC. I am administrator of the PC and my account is password protected while other account is Standard User without any password.. To keep my files safe, I've removed everyone else in the 'Security'...
  16. Inceptionist

    What is Incident no.? (WD Black 1TB)

    I have to send a mail to WD about a hard disk I bought. It is WD Black and the website is showing 2 years warranty instead of 5yrs. The mail I received from WD is But I don't know what Incident# is. :|
  17. Inceptionist

    Google to shut Reader web feed application, users vent

    R.I.P. Reader, you will be severely missed. :sad: Looking for alternatives. Free of course.
  18. Inceptionist

    Need Video Lectures (Java, ASP.NET with C#)

    I am doing TYBScIT in Mumbai university. I need video lectures for ASP.NET with C# and Java(Advanced Java). Like the lectures provided on Digit DVD. I found one site but it is streaming site and my connection is slow. also that site focuses more on web applications and less on...
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