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    Price List

    Hello Users This was purchased a few weeks a ago.What do you think of the prices, could i have got it for cheaper?
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    Planetside2 Ping issue

    Hey guys A month ago i was using BSNL IPS and my ping in Planetside2 EU Ceres Server was around 180ms to 200ms in game and in command prompt. Now i have changed to Airtel IPS(due to bad ping to SE servers in Dota2) the ping still shows around 180ms if i ping in command prompt, but in game the...
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    Need new UPS for my PC

    Need a new UPS which can make sure my CPU,modem and monitor does not restart when power cuts also I need to safeguard my gpu cuz i cannot RMA it in INDIA. PC config- (Check my Signature for more details) PSU-cx500v2 i5 3470 amd sapphire 7950 monitor-Dell s2240l modem-belkin n300 Thank You
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    Magnetic Fan Filters

    Im looking for a Magnetic 120mm Fan Filter, i stay in bangalore.
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    Installing new MOB drivers

    Hey guys, i found new drivers(Chipset & LAN) for my motherboard gigabyte ga-b75m-d3h rev 1.1 How do i go about the installation? should i uninstall my old drivers and then install the new ones? Or can i directly install them,its my 1st time so pls help :razz:
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    This is how i cool my modem

    Downloading BF4
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    BF4 Game backup bangalore

    BF4 taking 120+ hrs to download can someone send me a backup,i can also collect it via ext hard disk. PM me if u stay in bangalore Pls help! thank you
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    New GPU display error Help ASAP

    Finally i got my 7950,just installed it,installed latest driver 13.12. Everything is fine but the display is small,i mean its 1080p but not covering my screen completely Help
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    two forum same thread?

    My post - Found on google-
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    Is a CX500 fine for a Sapphire r9 280X

    I have a Corsair CX500v2, will this be fine to power a Sapphire R9 280X? ON SALE! - SAPPHIRE GRAPHICS CARD DUAL X R9 280X 3GB DDR5 OC - Rs.23,499 - WELCOME TO MDCOMPUTERS ::::::::::The Ultimate IT Solutions:::::::::: i used the CM PSU calculator, result-
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    New Hardware Set Up

    :-D Hey guys, I will be purchasing a HD 7870 from SP road today, i have a few questions about setting up my new card and bios settings so pls help me. As of now this is what i would do 1.ground the PSU and install the card and the power pins, and connect to my monitor. 2.switch on the...
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    Need help !

    Hello everyone, From a few days, Local Disk X is appearing in My Computer.Is it a virus? Im using avast free anti-virus software and I run a system scan every week. And i think at the same time my modem+router stopped working and i just applied for a RMA. And im sorry if i am posting...
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    DEAD PIXEL Dell S2240L

    Hi all, i just found a dead pixel on my screen , just one pixel hope more dont appear, is this common with LED monitors or sh i do something about it?
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    Gpu 16k

    Hi all this is my current rig i5 3470 CX500 mobo-b75 Dell sl2240l 1080p HDMI NXZT tempest 410 elite will be playing Bf3,cs:go,dota 2 ,fc3,etc which is the best vfm card i get for 16k(inc tax ,can extend max to 16.5K)? well 7850 fine or can i fit in a 7870?
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    Welcome to my First Build:D

    My first build guys 8-) im so proud of myself :P. Firstly i thank this TD community and all the members for everything,just few months back i never new something like this existed. Back in nov 2012 i started this tread PC Rig 50-55K Bangalore asking for a config. I thank the following member...
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    PC Rig 50-55K Bangalore

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans:Mainly Dota2,CS:GO,COD and some times BF3 for fun.. Applications...
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