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  1. vish786

    [How To]Get Java plugin & Flash work on a 64bit Distro

    Running a 32bit Browser on a 64bit Distro. Pissed off with Flash and Java not working on a 64bit Distro ? here's a pretty simple guide to get sites to load java applets & flash. Before proceeding, there is no javaplugin for a 64bit browser so all am doing is getting a 32bit_firefox along with...
  2. vish786

    Mobile in 12k

    Could you suggest a cell in 12k [not a penny more] MUST have a 2.4 inch or greater screen 3G/Wifi (optional) Camera(not necessary) ANY company Plz mention its max MMC limit am assuming a cell in 12k will already have the rest features like Music/Video Player, Document Viewer, long backup, &...
  3. vish786

    38 years old OS still seedin

    Came across this Distro's torrent named Protech [Secure Linux] not sure whether files fake or not... but the torrent ADDED DATE on 01-01-1970 :shock: 100x times... & still seeding :shock:. am i hallucinating.
  4. vish786

    share bazar huge downfall ?

    wat probably was the reason for such a huge downfall(around 3000 pts making india the worst region) in sensex yester & today ? :rolleyes: Edit: & now trading has been stopped for quiet a while
  5. vish786

    Take Part... In Multi Poll

    Let your voice be heard.... Multi Voting. Note: This has nothing to do with spam/advertising.
  6. vish786

    Women Association ?

    any idea about any women association, meant for helping women legally under trouble .... for harrassment, tortured, or in court if she has any case against men, or a case against some group of women... where they can provide any help to any needy one ? plz provide their contacts/address. Thanks...
  7. vish786

    choosing k550i or w610i

    can someone give prompt replies. :) 1.) does k550i have same hardware as w610i (features like mega bass work the same as in w610i) ? 2.) does k550i have same onboard/inbuilt speaker as of w610i ? 3.) have heard theirs some flash problem in k550i ? is it true 4.) listening to 5-6 hrs of...
  8. vish786

    Why... thread deleted.

    Dint know which mod deleted the thread.. so couldnt PM. For what good reasons was this thread: Looking for Job.. Deleted. :confused: by the time I was about to post thread got deleted. :'( Full reso
  9. vish786

    Complete List of Photoshop Tips
  10. vish786

    Game of Numbers

    World: Rapidly increasing numbers.
  11. vish786

    AAC,eAAC,AAC+,eAAC+,HE-AAC,AAC Loseless,AC3,Mp4,M4p,FLAC,MP3,OGG

    We have so many audio coding tech... AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/HE-AAC/AAC Loseless/AC3/Mp4/M4p/FLAC/MP3/MP3pro/OGG... I wanna know which among them can incorporate best music quality, playing every type of music/instrument crisply at low bitrate. there are few synonyms also, would like to know them...
  12. vish786

    Awesome Song/Videos........... Share

    Most of the time coz of our busy life we miss out few things which are known to most but not to us... like this song... found while I was browsing, & googled for same then realised it was a huge blockbuster (how the hell did I miss it.) :p Let us dedicate this thread to share awesome Videos &...
  13. vish786

    gfx card compatibility

    can we use Ati Graphics Card in a Nvidia/nForce chipset motherbroad & is viceversa also possible ? will their be any chipset burning or any overheating issues ? will this config run without any problems ? few say it works some say it doesnt :confused:
  14. vish786

    Educational & Registered Tally

    what features have been excluded from Educational Version when compared to Registered Tally. Is their any difference in both educ version & registered one ??
  15. vish786

    Divx codec

    after installing Divx codec, how to run it :confused:
  16. vish786

    ipod, imac, iphone... Now Its "IiBush"

    iBush ;)
  17. vish786

    Marriage... Synonym for Hell !!!

    I'm thinking of avoiding Marriage.... :p Great Words from Great Peaople 4 Marriage Every man should get married some time; after all,happiness is not the only thing in life !! --Anonymous ------------------------------------------------------------ Bachelors should be heavily taxed...
  18. vish786

    Heard of EBiz( Earn and learn

    does anyone know what is it ?
  19. vish786


    Variations In AMD which works better. 1)An AMD proccy with single core running 1.8 or a AMD Dual Core running at 1.8 ? AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core 3800+ @ 2GHz OR AMD Athlon (single Core) 3200+ @ 2GHz 2) Amd site also said that...
  20. vish786

    Upgrade for next 5 years... should i go

    my system config is amd 3000+ @ 1.8GHz (single core) asus a8v-mx (agp) 512 ddr ram fx 5200 nvidia should i go for upgrade for amd proccy & mobo as i wont buy anything new for next 5 years. i was just thinking of going for new graphics card like ati x1650 or something and 512 extra ram...
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