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    Xperia ZR??

    hi want to buy phone with in 30K range for my brother. came across ZR from sony. people says its nexus 4 with better camra and water proof. worth buying? some having issue with low call quality.. need suggestions... already tested nexus 4. so thot of ZR...or if you can suggest more in the...
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    Xperia L/Nexus 4/SG S3 ? help me to chose

    please provide your suggestions in selecting the right phone. I'm pretty much confused. I had decided upon the Nexus 4. but heard having battery issue, after 4-5 month its pathetic battery life. not even half day. IS IT TRUE?:-x camera and audio is normal not as good as Galaxy S3 or Sony...
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    phone under 15-18K!!

    Hi folks... Posting after a long time on the forum. I need your valuable advices! :oops: I want to buy a phone a good phone be it android, Windows, any other. personally I liked xolo q800 and xperia L... shoot your suggestions. i know lots of threads are there kinda same. But its good if you...
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    15K budget advice for good phone.

    hi fellas, need a very good phone. budget strictly 15K. plz pour with all your valuable advices here. I already checked some phones and confused. xperia U looks good in this range. but i checked S Advance,xperia Sola,xperia Go,Galaxy S Duos,HTC One V blah blah.... that in case if I wait for...
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    RHEL Version 7 To Come By Late 2013

    Hi! Source: efytimes
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    New iPad

    Hi! I wanna ask you people before seeking my new iPad from USA. That is it UnlocKAble to use in India? I'm in confusion that if i take it from usa(coz cheap there than India :-)), will be able to get it unlocked to use here in my Country? If yes, plz tell me all the pros and cons after that...
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    Mobile under 20k?

    Hi I know many threads are here like this one. but sorry to post a new one. Its kinda urgent... I need to get a mobile under 20K.. What are the best options specially for girl type mobile...coz i need to gift it.... Please tell the best options under this budget....I can increase budget by 2k...
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    Racing Wheel !! best one??

    Hi friends! I want to buy a racing wheel. my budget is 2500. please suggest me which one is best and will work prefectely with PC. i searched on net and bit confused about the wheels. help me out !!!
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    Headphone upto 1000/-

    Hi I want to buy headphone under 1000/- with mic also. please suggest me a good quality, with good bass specially for music headphone under my budget. want over the head or backneck both... Thank you
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    reading a file and sending mail by shell scripting..?? Plz help urgent..!!

    hi I need help urgently...i need to write a shell script which can solve the following problem....its urgent plz help me out coz m totally newbie in shell scripting.... the problem is: Suppose I have a folder called logs. whenever some error occurs some correspondence error file is generated...
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    1TB WD or Seagate portable???

    Hi! I wanna buy 1TB portable hard drive...Is it better to buy 1tb or 500 gb as for moving purpose.?? I selected two hard drives i.e., WD Passport wid usb 3.0 Seagate Go flex... Please suggest which one is best to buy as per all aspects. And also provide da price of both in Pune. its...
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    New 500GB harddrive external..??

    Hi Everyone... I wanna buy new external harddrive of 320GB or 500Gb....please suggest me Which one is da best .....plz suggest da best compny to buy i.e., seagate or wd or hitachi..etc Thanx...
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    IP address needed

    hi! there is serious problem in our colg lab. internet is not working on all WINDOWS PCs. but works on LInux. in windows it gives IP address conflicts bt if we use in linux on same pc with same ip it works fine. help me out its very urgen...
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    restrictions in fedora11.....

    hi frens.. i need some help regarding providing restrictions in fedora 11. we have installed fedora 11 in our net lab in ma colg. now i need to restrict all the students of downloading. coz students keep on downloading stuff like songs movies etc. is there any way out that i can restrict "em...
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    HI i am in very serious trouble. i was installing windows vista on ma laptop and there was also a linux drive when i tried to delete that it also delete ma two partions containg whole of ma data. plz suggest me a sw n how to recover my data. coz data was very important for me. any one its very...
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    vista not starting up??? help plz

    hi there is a big problem with me. vista not starting up after giving password on account its just stuck on welcome screen and message. and the orb keep on circulating.nothing happen ahead. even after running in SAFE MODE it does not do any thng just a blank black screen comes written safe mode...
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    HI frens i hv a little bit confusion abt MVPs. i knw the full form only this word plz clear me out on da person get this label??what qualities he or she must have to be an MVP. wt actually they do ??
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    LAN n WI-FI help????

    Hi friends ..i need help in creating or moreover sharing ma bsnl broadband connection on ma pc n lappy.i hv type=II modem(WA3002-g1) WHICH Is connected to ma pc through LAN n i wanna connect it to ma lappy using wifi i dunno hw to connect it using wifi. so plz help me that i vl be able to use ma...
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    How to setup lan gaming???

    hi frens i need some suggestions on how to setup lan gaming for 10-15 PCs. we want to make a competition in our college on gaming. so plz help me ... also suggest me some good games.. like we have decided NFS MW COUNTER STRIKE UNREAL TOURNAMENT REPLY ME SOON COZ WE HAVE TO HURRY
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    need project in me out

    guys i need a minor project in java i hv to submitt in ma colg plz help me to decide a gud project n also provide me help in dat by providing source code.. thnx in advance
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