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  1. Sanny

    Need advise on upgrading storage in desktop pc

    Hi, I want to upgrade my system's storage and RAM. Here is the link to my system config detail : current pc config I am looking to add a 2 tb 7200 or more RPM hdd in the system as the current 1 TB hdd is running out of space. Currently i have 2 X 4 GB RAM and i want to boost it to 16 gb which...
  2. Sanny

    computer keeps restarting itself

    I found the solution to this problem, that was to replace the current motherboard with GA-H61M-S and now everything is working fine. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
  3. Sanny

    computer keeps restarting itself

    The technician got the display back, updated BIOS and replaced old CMOS battery. The Blue BIOS screen is still coming once a while and the restart problem still exists. Shall i try shorting BIOS 1 on MOBO like shown in this video ? Please recommend alternate motherboard and graphic card for my...
  4. Sanny

    computer keeps restarting itself

    Hi, Whenever i start my computer, i get a blue bios screen with following details: GIGABYTE _ UEFI Dual BIOS (Screen Title) BIOS has been reset - Please decide how to continue (Dialog or popup title) Options: 1.Load optimized defaults then boot (by default highlighted) 2.Load optimized...
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