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    Power supply selection for MSI GTX 970 4G Gaming

    Last month I have bought a MSI GTX 970 4G Gaming, My PSU was Corsair CX 500, which is not working with the 970. So, I have upgraded my PSU, I'm confused between the two PSU. 1. Corsair Rm 750x and Seasonic X- Series SS 750W. Please help me which one to select. Thanks.
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    GPU under 30k, please help.

    I'm currently using MSI R7950 3GB/OC, which is dead last weak, and its not under warranty also, So, i want a good GPU for 1080p Gaming under 30k. Please help me out.:-(
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    [Complaint] Corsair Power supply unit line up are just Disgusting.

    I didn’t expect this from Corsair, I’m very much Dissatisfied with their CX Series power supply, The CX series is just a ****. Back in 2012, every reviewer, magazine and website raved about the quality of their power supply units. But i think their time in the 'power supply' spotlight has come...
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