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    Laptop around 50K

    1) What is your budget? 50K. Give or take a few. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? - running coc bot overnight, coding,college work, casual...
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    Is it my motherboard or RAM sticks?

    This the whole backstory below. Well I got a UPS and surprisingly the problem still persists. While messing around today I(again:lol:) discovered that when I removed a RAM stick, the PC booted up. Then I reseated it again and it still boots. I changed the channels. Ran memtest86 again...0...
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    Should I purchase a UPS?

    This is the question I posted on Tom's Hardware... I found the solution myself i.e enabling 'dummy load' in the BIOS. Or I thought so. The above Ramayan happens again sometimes and I realized that if I wait 15 mins or so the PC boots up properly. I've ran memtest86+ and RAM is not an issue...
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    Video Feedback

    Just completed making a motivational video Need some feedback about the video editing.
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    150+ RPM difference in fans due to extension?

    I used two 3 pin extensions for connecting Fan 2 & 3 to the motherboard because the cord wasn't long enough and connecting directly to 4 pin molex made them sound like a jet engine. Why is there a 150RPM difference between the extended fans and the fan directly connected to the motherboard...
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    Enter E-GPV Right Stick and Left Trigger problem.

    I was playing Alien Isolation and whenever I put my RS down the revolver comes up. I found my problem. But any solution to this? - - - Updated - - - This solution worked:-
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    Should I RMA my Mobo?

    Okay, So for a month I was using my 4x2GB ram sticks in single channel mode. Today, I opened up my case for cleaning and switched the RAMs to Dual Channel mode. DDR3_1 & DDR3_2(Both Gray in color) The PC boots up for 10 seconds, Shut downs, again boots up and is stuck in a reboot...
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    [Video Feedback] Project FRS(Motivational)

    Hi guys, I just decided to make a video to motivate the one's who are feeling low,depressed,faced failure etc. This is the first half of it...Failure & Why do we fall. What do you think about it? Some addition? Deletion? Shortening etc? +ve/-ve feedback? Thanks...
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    Mumbai - Planning to get Hathway.[Reviews]

    Hello, I am currently using MTNL Xpress+ 699 Plan. I was planning to get Hathway Broadband HD Stream 3. Any reviews on hathway's DOSCIS 3.0 network?
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    [Views] Seagate RMA.

    Can anyone here share their Seagate RMA process in 2014? I've already read topgears post but it was last year. Maybe they have improved now.?
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    What's up with Seasonic PSU's?

    I just bought an SII2 620W from Snapdeal and received a DOA. It took Tirupati 2 weeks to replace it and this replacement also is not working!:cry: What's up with SS PSU's. I thought they were the best. My friend has a Circle PSU and it's working fine from the last one year. He's now laughing on...
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    [Query] Received a dead seasonic PSU.

    I received a dead seasonic PSU that I ordered from Snapdeal. Are there any tirupati SC/RMA in Mumbai?
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    Gigabyte or Asus(Z97)

    I shortlisted Gigabyte Z97-D3H and ASUS Z97-C for my i7 4790K gaming build. Which one should I go with? Confused. :| Other Specs: 8GB Dual Channel RAM Possibly R9 280X/285 or the R9 290. Corsair H80i
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    Online Computer Delivery Store

    Hi Guys, A few days go I posted a PC Builder Thread. DesCom Systems is my startup, same like DigitalStorm,NCIX PC. etc. Instead of ordering single components online you can order a full fledged ready to plug-n-play PC. I've kept the prices low on par with FK and SD(there is very little...
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    PC Builder Online

    Online PC Builder Anyone here used this online pc builder? It maybe an alternative to pcpartpicker for us. The website is relatively new and much of the data is yet to be added.. What do you think?
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