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  1. mad_max

    problems with win xp's internet gateway

    ok guys here's the deal,which i'm totally clueless.. i have a dsl connection and since yesterday all my ping times are like 3+ secs,so i did a trace rout and more often than not it didn't even reach the gateway of my isp!!! and when i ran the line check from my router(prolink hurricane 9200) it...
  2. mad_max

    How to record webcam feeds in windows live messenger

    Any idea on how to do this,i tried eatcam or wutevr thingy and it just crashed..thanx in advance to everyone who replies:) Correction: It should be how to record webcam feeds from windows live messenger
  3. mad_max

    DOS commands wont work

    i only found this out recently but every command i type into the command prompt gives me an error says ":command: is not a recognised internal/external dos command" more or less thats what it tells me.Some examples are ping,flushdns,ipconfig,tasklist and i'm pretty sure even the basic commands...
  4. mad_max


    i'm thinking of doing scjp to get into the industry(to get a job lol) anyways is that a good choice guys cuz i'm a bit lost at the moment oh and i'm doing BCS at the moment help:)
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