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    Indian Idol 3 winner

    Latest news is that Prashant Tamang is the Indian Idol 3.
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    cd/dvd indexing

    I am in need for a good (preferebly free) CD & DVD indexing software, like we have digit archive. Its a pain:mad: to remember/search a particular item in a whole bunch of cds. anybody using/knows a good one ?
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    help me choose

    Which 1 to go for ? Nokia 6270 SE W810i SE W830i
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    Intel Service needed

    I am unable to contact the phone no. given for Intel Asia.. Plz help... Any body having the experience of sending the motherboard for repair within warranty ?
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    I was downloading a torrent.. which was having a password.. I have forgotten it and I am also unable to find the link where it was hosted ( The pwd was written there). Is there a way to track the link where the torrent was hosted. I have the complete download as well as the torrent
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    Recovery of Lost Partition

    I accidentally deleted a logical drive(FAT32). Please suggest a good s/w to recover data..
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    I bought Winfast A6600 TD 256 MB two days ago I had a 300W Frontech SMPS which I thought was insufficient.. so I bought an iball 400 W SMPS today. Installed both.. everything seemed to be ok But the system suddenly restarted when I tried installing a game(MOHPA).. It seems the system...
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    k750i or w810i

    How does these 2 compare with each other ? keeping memory, price etc all in mind ? Suggest me which one to go for..
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    forgot root password

    Is there any way to reset root password ? My friend has forgotten it. Want to avoid re-install..
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    I am unable to connect to my dataone connection in SuSE10. UT-300R2 modem. Please help.. I dont want an "Aways On" connection. Actually the modem is detected but where from I dial ?.. like I do in XP.
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    Auto on in Intel 865GBF

    Is there any option where I can set a time in the BIOS so that my D865GBF mobo automatically switches the computer on..
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    drivers reqd

    I need drivers (all) for my brother's machine. XP prof Using Sandra 2004 I found mainborad is 810e TFST (Mercury) In mercury site only 810e2 TFST is given & that too link does not work. Please help me out immediately.
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    I wanted to know commands/tricks&tips to see the fps I am getting in the following games.. Doom3 HL2 NFS UG2 NFS MW UT 2003 UT 2004 POP 2 thrones Far Cry
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    LAN using USB ??

    Can 2 computers be connected using a USB cable ??
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    Movies not playing !

    My friend has a P4 system with this mainboard (Mercury) PI845GVM-AGP V5.0 He bought a XFX 6200 128 MB 64 bit graphics card After installation of this card.. tried with several driver versions but no movies/videos are playing.. tried with several players viz. WMP, QT, PowerDVD. The player...
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    Connecting case fan

    I bought this CoolerMaster case fan: DAF-B82 12V 0.15A.. dual ball bearing It comes with a 3 pin connector A 3 pin to 4 pin convertor is also provided. I have Intel D865GBF board with 2.4GHz prescott(non HT) Are the 3 pin fan connection points in this board compatible with this 12 V fan ?(I...
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    How to delete MBR ? in Win XP, 2000, GRUB-----(Any specific command)
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    Cabinet Fans

    Are the following prices being quoted ok :?: Here 80 mm cabinet fans from Antec are Rs. 750 :!: Coler Master 80 mm Rs. 300 Also tell me about any other cheap fan which has warranty.
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    Is Creative 5700 digital available in India ? Please tell the price. I am getting 5200 for 4200+VAT. Is it ok ? any other 5.1 within 5k ? Reply fast.
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    unable to view secured pages

    I recently made a fresh installation of XP (prof) + SP1 IE is unable to open gmail, yahoo secured page, hdfcbank netbanking. Installed Avant browser.... same....... could n't open Installed firefox 1.0.2 ... it also could not open secured pages... :!: Help me
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