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    Graphic card querry

    Hi, I am having Intel DG31PR motherboard, Pentium Dual Core CPU E5300@ 2.60GHz, DDR2 400 MHz 2GB RAM, VIP 400 watts PSU. I want to purchase graphic card that can play almost all game at low or medium setting. My budget is 2500.00
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    Select DSLR between Nikon 3100 or Nikon 5100 or Canon 550D

    Hi, I am vishnu from Goa. I want to purchase the entry level DSLR, my budget is 40K, mainly for indoor photography like wedding, party (low light)specially for my family use So today i went to two authorised dealers in goa, they showed me some camera. Among them i selected Canon 550D, Nikon...
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    BSNL Broadband coverage

    Dear All, I am from goa. I got some problem regarding BSNL broadband. Is it true that if a user wants to take the broadband connection the distance between his connection and BSNL exchange should be within 3 KMS. As my house is situated at 5 KMS away from BSNL exchange. If this is true then...
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