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  1. Kiran.dks

    REVIEW: Reliance Netconnect Broadband+

    Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Extract from Blog: dkszone Reliance Netconnect is a wireless broadband service based on the EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized) standard and uses their CDMA platform. Reliance claims to offer download speeds upto 3.1 Mbps and upload speeds upto 1.8 Mbps. They...
  2. Kiran.dks

    Our brand new blog! <Your review appreciated>

    Hi Guys, It’s my pleasure to inform all techies out here about our brand new blog. It’s a technology website with latest news, Downloads, Product reviews, Windows 7 updates and more… Your valuable suggestions will be appreciated. URL : Enjoy! Thanks,
  3. Kiran.dks

    iBotnet: First Mac OS X botnet?

    iBotnet: First Mac OS X botnet? Malware hunters at Symantec have discovered a direct link between a malicious file embedded in pirated copies of Apple’s iWork 09 software and what appears to be the first Mac OS X botnet launching denial-of-service attacks. Researchers found two malware...
  4. Kiran.dks

    Finally... joining digit family

    Hi Digitians, It has been long time since my last visit here. Things have chaged a lot here. Many new faces and hence many may not know me. Some may recall that I was out of this form after marriage in August 2008. After a long break, it's time to join with all of you. My marriage took place...
  5. Kiran.dks

    My Marriage Invitation!

    Hi Everyone, This thread is one of unique kind here. I have never seen such invitations. This forum is like a family for me and most members too. It has given me unlimited amount of knowledge in technology side. Due to busy schedule, I am not active in this forum these days. Hope that I will...
  6. Kiran.dks

    Suggest me Desktop Home PC for around Rs.15000/-

    I am planning to buy a Desktop Home PC (Branded or Assembled) for my Mom. She needs it just for internet browsing and video chatting. This is the best way I can be in touch with my Mom because she is in Karnataka and I am in Maharastra. :) Please suggest guys. Thanks,
  7. Kiran.dks

    Windows XP SP3 Final Dilemma

    Did any body download and install Windows XP SP3 Final? Few days back it was available in and some other popular websites. I immediately downloaded it from and installed it. But suddenly the download page is deleted now! My Computer says Windows SP3 is installed...
  8. Kiran.dks

    Digit DVD/CD's for Free!

    I am giving away some 20 or so DVD's and CD's of Digit magazine for free. I am also giving away few Digit magazines that are left with me. I am Pune based, hence will expect people from Pune to take them. Please PM me for details.
  9. Kiran.dks

    GMAIL CUSTOM TIME:Misleading Time stamp for emails.

    Gmail has come with yet another innovation, THE GMAIL CUSTOM TIME. By using this feature, one can send mails now dated back till April 1, 2004! Either you call it as a good feature to mislead someone or one of those innovation which is not good for technology. For me, it's a stupid thought...
  10. Kiran.dks

    April Fool Ad!

    Good one. Check this guys:
  11. Kiran.dks

    Price of 6-Cell/12-Cell Li-ion HP Battery in India

    Can anybody tell me the price of HP 6-cell Li-Ion Battery for HP laptops in India? And also for 12-Cell Li-Ion Battery.
  12. Kiran.dks

    List Musical Hit Albums/Movies - Hindi & Telugu

    I am a big music lover. During my college days, I collected all the hits Movies and Pop Albums. But recently (past 2 years), my collection dropped due to busy work schedule. I request you guys to list musical pop album and movies hits from the year 2007. In this way my collection will grow...
  13. Kiran.dks

    All your Favourites in one place. A handy website

  14. Kiran.dks

    CCleaner 2.05 Released (21st February 2008)

    Manufacturer's Description: mCCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. :arrow...
  15. Kiran.dks

    Hi-Fi Music: Bass & Treble Controls

    One of the top company namely "BOSE" believes pure music reproduction is reproducing music how it is recorded. They don't believe in putting those controls. For them it is like changing the way music is supposed to sound. Hence most of there systems don't have Bass & Treble controls. Some...
  16. Kiran.dks

    Amazing inspirational Airforce video!!

    Old one....But worth listing it in our forum. No doubt that IAF is one of the strongest Air force in the world. Proud to be Indian.
  17. Kiran.dks

    Sony PLAYSTATION III Vs Microsoft XBOX 360

    The title says it all. So which do you recommend? I want to have one for me! :D
  18. Kiran.dks

    Post your Professional Photo shots here [***High Bandwidth warning***]

    Guys, Most of us are into Photography. Here you can share your professional shots with our members. Tips: 1. Please post all images as thumbnails using a image hosting sites. 2. Don't post full images. It creates problems for dial-up users. 3. Include your Camera model make. 4. Also mention if...
  19. Kiran.dks

    Mint Vs Ubuntu

    Guys, lets discuss prons & cons of Mint Over Ubuntu.
  20. Kiran.dks

    Call any U.S. number for free

    Earth Caller Using earth caller, you can call any U.S. number for free. URL: Njoy!
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