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  1. pranav0091

    Motherboard with Raid 0 supoort

    Guys, I want to buy a motherboard with Raid 0 + Sata 3 + USB 3 + 1600MHz DDR3 with XMP + Intel 1150 socket + as cheap as possible. I narrowed down to Error 500 Server Error but the description on the manufacturer side leaves me with confusion. On one side it says that it has support for Raid...
  2. pranav0091

    Gaming system + VM use, budget limit 75k

    I plan to build a PC primarily for playing games and have arrived at the following config. Please help me improve it or fix any mistakes. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work...
  3. pranav0091

    Wireless router+modem with support for USB HDD

    I wish to purchase a wireless router with modem and support for hard disks via USB. Are such devices available in India? Budget is not much of a constraint, although I'd like it to be not too expensive (less than 5k). Dont care too much about brands, but reliability and after-sales-service...
  4. pranav0091

    Lumia 920: Rise of the underdog

    I bought this phone a couple of weeks ago, when it was pricier than it is now (37.2k vs 36k on FK). And I have no regrets. Absolutely none. That’s already saying quite a bit about this phone. Okay, now let me get a proper review in. And oh, BTW, if you are expecting me to talk about benchmarks...
  5. pranav0091


    I am pretty sure most of the people here haven't heard of this little known Indian site: Cool Gadgets, Latest Gadgets. I was always quite excited by the kind of products they had over at and wished that there were some Indian site that'd be atleast half as good as it. After much...
  6. pranav0091

    Laptop from the US, under $1000

    A friend of mine is going stateside within a week and would like to buy a laptop for under $1000. It will be used only for general computing purposes,music, movie watching and browsing. Absolutely no gaming, she's a girl. So lightweight laptops are preferred. Need reliability and VFM...
  7. pranav0091

    Needed portable Netbook upto 25k

    A friend of mine wants to buy a netbook or something similarly light for use in his studies. There will be no gaming of any kind and he is not looking for anykind of mindblowing performance. Portability and battery life are of utmost importance and so is reliability. Anything else is purely a...
  8. pranav0091

    Leaked benchmarks show up for GTX 680

  9. pranav0091

    Canon Ixus 220 vs Nikon S6150

    A friend of mine wants to buy a point and shoot camera and asked me suggest one for her for under 10k. After a bit of searching i have zeroed in on the following models. Canon Ixus 220 Nikon S6150 The friend is a girl and as such i don't expect her to fiddle around with the settings too...
  10. pranav0091

    HP pavillion 6017tx: How to buy ?

    Hi everyone I have been a reader of digit for long, but this is only my first post here. I am in the final year of engineering and have finally (yes finally ) decided to buy a lap. i can go upto a maximum of 52k, and i'll be playing a lot of games. so after some searching around, i zeroed in...
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