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  1. Manickaraj

    CPU heating up to 100 deg !!!

    Hi, My 3 and a half year old Intel C2Q Q8400 CPU is heating up to 100 deg for the past one week :( As a result my cpu is always running at 100 % load. It used to run at 40 deg before but now it heats up in 10 minutes :( I thought it was because of the dust-choked heat sink and cleaned last...
  2. Manickaraj

    GPU + PSU + HDD for 15k

    Hey guys, My friend owns a PC with the following spec: Core2Duo E4500 2.2 GHz, Intel 945 GCNL motherboard, 2 GB 667 MHz RAM, 160 GB HDD 400 W PSU. Due to his mobo limitation, he cannot increase his RAM. Given that, he wants to get a new GPU, HDD and an appropriate PSU. He will be...
  3. Manickaraj

    Android Tablet purchase from US

    Guys I am planning to buy an Android tablet from US. I've zeroed in on Amazon Kindle Fire which available for 185 USD and Lenovo K1 for 299 USD. Both are offer prices. Which one should i go for? The former does not have honeycomb, GPS and 3G. All these are available in Lenovo K1. In case i...
  4. Manickaraj

    Need a new wifi modem to use with BSNL broadband modem

    Hi guys, I need to get a new wifi modem for my BSNL broadband. I am on 512 kbps unlimited plan. Should I get the one being supplied by BSNL or should I get a better one myself? I am thinking of getting D-Link GLB-802C router ADSL2/2+. My budget is 1.5k. Thanks in advance guys :) I also...
  5. Manickaraj

    Password protected microSD in Nokia 5130

    Hi, I have a Nokia 5130 Music Xpress. It came with a free 1 GB microSD card. I password protected my microSD card but forgot the password the very next day:-(:-(:-( Recently I had my phone serviced at a Nokia care. They formatted my phone memory... So i am now stuck with a password protected...
  6. Manickaraj

    CM 690 cabinet

    I am gonna buy a cabinet tomorrow. Budget is maximum Rs. 2k. ll CM690 fit my budget. LL IT PROVIDE ENOUGH COOLING FOR MY RIG??????? :???::???::???::???: Intel C2Q Q8400 @ 2.66 GHz, ASUS P5QL-CM mobo, CORSAIR XMS2 2x2GB (800MHz), XFX 4870HD 1GB DDR5, 500 GB SEAGATE HDD (32 MB buffer)...
  7. Manickaraj

    Debug Assertion Failed - Please help

    I get a debug assertion failed error. Here is the screenshot of it: Please help. It is really annoying... :-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?
  8. Manickaraj

    New ASUS P5QL-CM chassis intrusion detection problem

    I bought this mobo last week. It has chassis intrusion detection system and this system displays a fatal error stating that chassis intrusion detected. I know the use of this system so dont explain all those stuffs. Pls give me a solution. There is no info abt this in the manual...
  9. Manickaraj

    Best digital camera under 9k

    Guys pls suggest the best digital camera under 9k. Thanks.:-D
  10. Manickaraj

    Help with Rapidshare hack

    Hi fellas, It is a real pain in the a$$ wen u download several parts of a huge file from rapishare for free users like me due to the download limit. So i have created a batch file with the folowing script: rasdial bsnl /disconnect dir dir dir dir dir rasdial bsnl username password...
  11. Manickaraj

    Please help - Internet access denied probably by a spyware attack

    I can browse and download using firefox, opera and utorrent. But I cannot access the internet through IE. It says page cannot be displayed instantly. Same thing happens with GTalk, Yahoo messenger and free download manager. I cannot update my antivirus and antispyware softwares. None of the...
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