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    #deletefacebook says whatsapp co-founder !!!!

    Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp, late on Tuesday asked users to “delete” the social media platform, Facebook, amid alleged data leakage of its users for political purposes. Delete Facebook, says WhatsApp co-founder amid Cambridge Analytica scandal This movement initiated from US.. but...
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    [For Sale] Brand New Corsair Carbide Series 100R Silent and Spec-03 (Mid Tower)

    For Sale: Brand New Cabinets from Corsair. purchased in 2015: Max price for both 7000 (ready for negotiations) 1. *Model number and details: Carbide Series Corsair 100R Silent Edition Mid Tower Case and Carbide Series Corsair Spec-03 Mid Tower Gaming Case 2. *Date of purchase: 2015 3...
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    Suggest me some good ps3 move games please (available in India)

    Please suggest some good PS3 move titles, which are available in India. Prefer pre-owned discs.
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    Please suggest some best HINDI youtube channels for kids Age 5 - 7 years.

    As title says Please suggest some best HINDI youtube channels for kids Age 5 - 7 years. Thanks.
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    Looking for drupal and vbulletin freelancer in Mumbai

    If anyone has experience in coding drupal and vbulletin, PM me with your work details Mumbai coder preferred.
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    Tomato or Merlin for RT n66u ?

    Any suggestions on which firmware to be installed
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    Sony PS3 12 GB Move - Very bad I bought this console.

    I am regretting i bought this few months ago.. 1. Only 12 GB and I cannot upgrade hard disk, it runs out of space when i try to install few games. 2. I cannot crack the same. This is the product I bought. Buy Sony PlayStation 3 12GB Console With Move Starter Pack (Free Game: Move Street...
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    Help me decide new wireless router for office and home use. urgent

    Hi, I am a network engineer working in Mumbai (I am from South India) I want to buy a new router for my office/home use (I live/stay at my office) Office is total 4000 square feet with 6 rooms (including boss's glass cabin) We will access internet from ipad, mobile etc. (very good wifi with...
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