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    need some bling!!

    I didn;t where to post this particular question so I came here.I want to pimp up my cabinet with some red bling.I saw that NZXT red Led sleeve kit 2m is quite popular and looks easy to use and it comes with a controller but it isn't available in India.Any other alternatives.I need my pc to bleed...
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    Ultra high end gaming rig

    I'll be setting up a gaming rig in March.Here's the config which I've thought up of,any suggestions would be nice. 1) Psu- Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1000W 2) Ram- G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 16 GB 3) Hdd- WD Caviar Green 3 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive 4) SSD-OCZ Vertex 3 120 GB SSD Internal...
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    Multimonitors!! help!

    So i decided to get a desktop instead of spending 1.9 lakh on an alienware laptop.I finalized on a rig with an i7,gtx 690 or 680 and other components which are good enough to run nvidia surround.The thing is that I don't know what brand or model to buy.I just checked out the monitor list and...
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    Gtx 680m

    I want to buy the Alienware M17x with a gtx 680m gpu but Dell India offers only the gtx 675m.I searched and could find no other India site offering the 680m.Any suggestions? Thanks
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    gt 650m OR gtx 675m

    So I was looking around for a good gaming laptop and I saw two things. 1) 14" laptops never usually come with anything better than this card gt 650m 2gb.So what i want to know is whether it is capable of running all the games(atleast most of them) at 1600x900 maxed out 2) the same way,i looked...
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    Alienware m17x R4 opinion

    I'm planning on buying a good gaming laptop(I want the best,budget is upto 1.5 lakh) so i found that alienware fits this and checked out the m17x r4.The model available in India is slightly old i think,it does not allow you to customize any of the hardware. Here's the link to see the specs...
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